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LBG - IMG_7219Origins Awards Winners! ~

Corinne Mahaffey, 19 June 2016

Lost Battalion Games won an Origins Award for Best Game Accessory for their A Place 2 Play map system.

What is your new game?
Hell on Wheels is an expansion to Sergeants! and plays with both D-Day and the minis.  Hell on Wheels allows a person to drive a tank from the viewpoint of the crew, like the fury movie.

What is your personal favorite game?
Battlegroup is a carrier naval game as a card game that plays better than anything I’ve ever played.  I thoroughly enjoyed designing it with my mentor, S. Craig Taylor Jr.

What is your favorite mechanic?
The story system in Sergeants! changes the turn sequence dynamically, inserting random events without requiring the GM to determine what will happen.

If you  like ____, you will like Sergeants!.
If you like Up Front, you will like Sergeants because it is a man to man patrol level game.


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