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Gaming Nostalgia – Federation II

#TBT at GrogHeads!

It was an early multi-player online game, back when GE still ran their GEnie system, back when you could run things all the way up to 2400 baud speed!

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GrogHeads First Impressions of Stars in Shadow

Screenshots of snake-people swashbuckling around the stars ~

Boggit, 26 May 2018

Developed by Ashdar Games Inc and published by Iceberg Interactive

I’ve been meaning to have a look at this game for some time now and finally have got around to it. Playing Emperor “Gritok the Devourer” of the Gremak Empire – an aristocratic race of four-eyed cobra alien slavers – I took to the stars in a huge Galaxy to try my luck as the mean and nasty imperialist snake people!

Here’s a collection of screenshots from my early expansion into the stars, which gives you an idea of how the game is presented, as well as the sort of options available to players. I liked the artwork, which unlike a lot of space games is nice, bright and colourful – and even a bit cartoony – which added to the fun. I liked what I saw with this game, which reminded me of the classic Master of Orion 2 in terms of gameplay. A big plus is that it is simple to play like Master of Orion 2, yet had sufficient depth to keep my attention.


So here we start at our home planet of Gremal. We’ve already made life a misery for the poor Enfi race that shares our planet having enslaved those centuries before. Now we have a chance to enslave other species to our will.

Gaming Nostalgia – Operation Crusader

#TBT at GrogHeads!

Remember faxing your credit card number to someone to order a game?  Nope?  Us neither!

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Skull Tales: Full Sail! ~ Kickstarter

An exclusive look at the prototypes in action ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 23 May 2018

The guys over at Eclipse Editorial have an exploding Kickstarter that’s reeling in pledges like a pirate chases booty.

The Skull Tales: Full Sail! pirate-themed boardgame mixes a combination of naval adventures at sea with individual actions ashore, and crew & ship management in between.  As of now, there’s over 3400 backers that have pledged almost $400,000 toward the game, including a couple of our own GrogHeads.

We’ve got an exclusive look at the game in action with some of the printing press prototypes, thanks to the guys at Eclipse, and Draco Designs.

What’s Gus Playing? Ancients Blowout Bonanza Edition : Apotheon, Field of Glory 2 and a Special Ancients Madness Bonus

The dastardly dwarf of distraction prevaricates and pontificates ~

Lloyd Sabin, 21 May 2018

Escaping the clutches of Field of Glory 2 for a bit but still in a Grecian Formula mood, I reached for side-platformer Apotheon this week. I got it years ago during a Steam sale for ~5.00 and so far it has been well worth the price of admission.

So how does a mere mortal soldier kick some god ass?

Your avatar (Nik) has an old-fashioned problem with authority and has declared war on the ancient Greek gods…all of them, starting with Apollo. He also hates thieves and raiders.

They have all been acting like bastards lately, treating other gods and humans like garbage. So how does a mere mortal soldier kick some god ass? With a wide array of spears, daggers, hatchets, bows and shields scattered around Apotheon’s levels and hidden deep inside some temple armories.

Crafting is also available if you’re into that. You can craft healing potions and Greek fire grenades as well as other useful liquids as you advance through the game’s orange and red hued levels. The music is lyre-centric and very evocative too. In a strange way Apotheon reminded me a bit of Shadow of the Beast, the legendary creepy-as-hell side-scroller from Psygnosis that was released around 1990.