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Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas, Part Seven!

By Undercovergeek, 27 October 2012

A Crusader Kings II AAR, up to part 7. Yes, part 7. You’ve been reading this for a while, y’know.

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In Part 6 Oberto was dealt a fatal blow in a battle to increase his Leige’s lands in Pavia, a new Martial was appointed, and Nice was taken into the fold of di Palma holdings. Now in Part 7 the succession laws divide the family, the HRE rids itself of plotters, Duchess Matilda gets a beating and a rich crop of knowledge is tapped.




My nephew, the new Martial wants a wife. We find him the Polish Queen Mother. It’s not as bad as it sounds, she’s 29, ginger and chubby, there are special websites for this kind of thing. Courtiers expect to find him dead in his bed, devoid of all bodily fluids in a matter of weeks.




It’s approved – God help him.

Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas, Part Siiiiiiiix!

By Undercovergeek, 17 October 2012

A Crusader Kings II AAR, with all the seriousness of a cooler full of lunch meat, but twice the flavor

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In Part 5 the ‘wrong holding’ issue was finally sorted for Genoa, marriages were arranged with Kingdoms and Oberto looked to add Nice to the di Parma land holdings. In Part 6 Nice is taken, Dad retires and Duchess Matilda brings a halt to any other plans.




My nephew – good Martials are hard to find and now I have a spare one.




Giuditta finally comes of age and the French King comes knocking to remind me of the betrothal. She’s packed off to Paris.

GrogHeads Reviews Bomber Command


Designer: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

Publisher: GMT Games

Left Hand Reviews, 14 October, 2012


How closely can a boardgame come to simulating the Allies’ strategic night bombing raids of World War II?


In an effort to cripple the German war machine and bring the 3rd Reich to its knees, the British Royal Air Force conducted countless night raids in the late stages of the war, 1943-1945. The targets included military manufacturing facilities, populated cities, as well as critical supply routes. Despite the extraordinarily high mortality rate of the bomber squadrons, they continued to fight bravely and eventually succeeded in forcing the German High Command to shift to the defensive.

Bomber Command is a tactical wargame in which one player will control the British bombers, attempting to take out key objectives, while the other play represents the German night fighters and flak batteries desperately trying to infiltrate the Allied bomber squadrons and prevent the destruction of not only brick and mortar targets but the morale of the people as well.

Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas, Part d’Cinque!

By Undercovergeek, 4 October 2012

A Crusader Kings II AAR, with all the seriousness of a cooler full of lunch meat

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In Part 4 Oberto conquered Genoa, but its set up is incorrect and it’s imposing huge financial punishment on the house of di Parma. To help all other aspiring Counts rise to the seats of Dukes and Kings we enlisted the help of Jennifer Aniston to explain how to fix it. In Part 5 the fix is completed and Oberto spies a Duchy.




The treasonous and defeated Baron Lando is cordially invited to try out Oberto’s new dungeon. This time he has no choice about giving me the castle and his barony. I am proud I started a war of Tyranny.




As you can see the main seat of Genoa has returned to being a castle.