Grogheads Impressions! Field of Glory: Kingdoms

Field of Glory: Kingdoms is the eagerly anticipated new game from award-winning studio AGEOD and publisher Slitherine Ltd.,  It begins in 1054 A.D., just after the July 16th Great Schism, wherein the Patriarch of Constantinople Michael Cerularius, was excommunicated, separating the Catholic church of the West and the Orthodox churches of the East.  Field of Glory: Kingdoms encompasses more than two centuries of European, African, and Middle Eastern history. According to our scribes, this game is deep, and will require close study before any verdict can be rendered.  However, we’ve had the chance to go back to the Dark Ages so we can give you some quick impressions. Strap on your spangenhelm and coif and join Sir Lloyd as he embarks on this Medieval adventure.

By: Lloyd Sabin

Grogheads Reviews! Homeworld 3


The original Homeworld was released nearly twenty-five years ago in 1999. By any standard it was a revolutionary game that used 3D models as well as 3D movement to portray real time space fleet battles. Combined with its very gripping and emotional story campaign, the player was placed into the role of a Fleet Admiral in the likes of Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars. In fact, I would go as far as saying that Homeworld “is” the Star Wars of the gaming world for a lot of people.

Homeworld 2 followed in 2003 and while it removed some features of the original Homeworld, such as the need for fuel and directional armor, it also improved on so many things and added many new mechanics with the story once again being very well done. Homeworld 2 is my favorite of the series, is what I am most familiar with and serves as setting the bar in which Homeworld 3 is to be measured.

Next, in 2016, we had Deserts of Kharak, which was a land based prequel to Homeworld. It had a short campaign, but too few skirmish maps to entertain much player activity beyond the campaign.

It’s now 2024 and enter Homeworld 3. This title, developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Gearbox, has big shoes to fill given the cult classic status of the previous two titles. So how did it do?


The Long Awaited Sequel

By: Destraex and Grogheads Staff,

Grogheads AAR! Second Front

Founded in 1656, the Russian Orthodox New Jerusalem Monastery stood for centuries as a religious beacon in Moscow, right up until it was unceremoniously ransacked and destroyed by the invading German army in December 1941 during the Great Battle of Moscow. Grab your stahlhelm and a few potato mashers and recreate the battle over this hallowed ground with Uberhaus in this custom made scenario for Second Front, developed by Hexdraw and published by Microprose Software. Pay attention to the tactical tips offered in this invaluable guide for new players, and you may survive long enough to become a veteran of the grueling combat taking place within this popular PC title.

By: Uberhaus and Grogheads Staff

Grogheads Impressions! Total Conflict: Resistance

capsule 616x353

Total Conflict: Resistance is a tactical first-person shooter set in a real time global world with a strategic overview.  Many other games have attempted to create the experience in which the player can manage production, resources, and moving units around on a global map and then resolve combat in first-person mode.  The gaming market is filled with failures trying to master this formula but in Total Conflict: Resistance there is much hope.  Although the game is still in a state of early access, the player has a lot to work with in terms of features, gameplay mechanics, and more.  This impression is based off approximately 50 hours of play time in the early access build.

By: Steve Keledjian,

Grogheads AAR! WDS The Thirty Years War


It was late in the year 1620 when forces belonging to the Imperial Army of Emperor Ferdinand II and those of the Bohemian Revolt clashed near Prague. The fight would be known to posterity as the Battle of the White Mountain and in just a short time, the fate of Czech lands for the next three hundred years was decided. It was also the first clash between Protestant and Catholic armies in the Thirty Years War. March with Grogheads as part of the Bavarian Catholic League for a taste of the latest Musket & Pike title developed by Wargame Design Studios.

batalla de rocroi por augusto ferrer dalmau

The Thirty Years War, by Wargame Design Studio

By: Boggit