GrogCast Season 2, Episode 11

podcast SPLASH

24 November 2015 ~

Season 2 of the GrogCast rolls on, with both our radio broadcast (Friday nights, 9pm Eastern, Shortwave radio 5110 WBCQ), and the downloadable version a few days later.  We welcome new GrogCast sponsor Lock’n’Load Publishing, and talk with the GrogHeads about confusing rulebooks, gaming at the skirmish, tactical, and operational levels of war, and (of course) what we played this week.

And because it’s TANKSgiving, we also cover some Tank on Tank action, too!


podcast SPLASH


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GameTalk: Panzers


Byron Grant for GrogHeads ~


What’s the most enjoyable tank-based game have you played?

Are you a fan of WWII-era tank combat?

Cold War-era tank battles along the inter-German border?

Or MidEast shootouts between the Israelis and, well… pretty much everyone?

Or do you look to South Africa and Rhodesia for their armor ops in their bush wars in the 70s and 80s?

What about near-future hypothetical conflicts like India-Pakistan or Ukraine?

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TANKSgiving! GrogHeads Reviews DVG’s Modern Land Battles


TANKSgiving kicks off with a bang!

Jim Owczarski, 21 November 2015

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Dan Verssen’s Modern Naval Battles has rolled past its 25th birthday and is making its way to its 30th.  I’ll pause for a moment and let that sink in with those who were already adults when it was released.  Bitter reminders of our mortality aside, the game has been and remains a popular choice for grogs interested in playing a game that feels crunchy and lets them indulge their love of technology while not requiring days or weeks to play.

Enter, then, Modern Land Battles: Target Acquired, a 2-6 player non-collectible card game that tries, in its own abstract and simplified way, to simulate mechanized land warfare in the period following the Second World War.  I’ve already done a piece un-boxing the game (Modern Land Battles – First Look!) so what follows is a review of the game’s mechanics, level of simulation, and overall flow.

As indicated in the earlier article, MLB allows two players or teams of players to select from seven national force pools:  United States, Arab Multinational, China, Great Britain, Insurgent, Israel, and U.S.S.R.  And while I did discuss some of the vehicles before, it would hardly be TANKSgiving if I didn’t offer a few more shots of lovely, lovely AFVs.

I keep wanting to shout "Wolverines!!"

I keep wanting to shout “Wolverines!!”

The Zombie Apocalypse, Part 6: Get The Point


||: Hack, slash, poke, repeat :||  ~

Jonathan Glazer, 20 November 2015


Swoosh! And the Katana liberates the Zombie’s heads, in quick succession from the tyranny of being attached to their rotting bodies. Andrea was saved from the horror of being eaten alive after losing her balance and falling to the forest ground. This was how the character of Michonne was introduced to the story of The Walking Dead. The Samurai sword carries high regard as a Zombie killing melee weapon. Is this adulation warranted? Arguments can be made for both sides of that controversy. As an active practitioner of the Japanese Sword Arts (JSA), I have my own opinions that I feel are rooted in reality. Most will agree that edged weapons are an essential tool for every toolbox following the ZA. They are silent, do not need reloading and are relatively free from excessive regulation. That last point is quite subjective as many bladed weapons are restricted in some areas. The UK has severely curtailed possession of what they deem to be “offensive” blades, which include swords and the US has a federal ban on switchblades, although automatic knives are in common use despite this ban. We will touch on these points momentarily.


Gaming Nostalgia – GDW fights WWIII

Folks dug the Nostalgia ads so much that we’re keeping them around, and just changing the day. Look for our blasts-from-gaming’s-past to show up on #tbt from now on, and occasionally some other day, just to keep you on your toes.


Once the pinnacle of “modern” wargaming… these guys are still a ton of fun, but with every additional year in the rearview mirror, how “modern” are they anymore?

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GrogHeads Reviews the Feldherr Travel Case

Feldherr MAXI Star Wars X-Wing Rebel Set 1 / Tantive, Falcon, YT-2400, 15 Ships ~

Michael Eckenfels, 18 November 2015



A habit of epic proportions formed with me some years ago when the first Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Core Set hit stores. The Core set, I bought for myself, though I had nobody else to play the game with. I was immediately smitten by the mini-figures of the one X-Wing and the two TIE Fighters that come with that Core set, and was hooked.

That Core set because an extra ship here and another one there, and soon enough my collection of X-Wing Miniatures makes it look like I could film my own Abrams-worthy battle scenes for the next Star Wars movie. The problem is, while these things are beautiful to look at, they’re fragile. I feel like even lustful glances, let alone wonton groping, would cause them to break into pieces.

While the store I bought my Core set hosts an X-Wing Minis game night every Tuesday evening, I never went by, because I had nothing to really store my pieces in, much less transport them. I did some searching and found a few solutions online – some do-it-yourself, others more expensive off-the-shelf stuff – and finally fell on a line of cases by a company called Feldherr.

Feldherr is a company based in Berlin but has a worldwide reach, providing figure cases for not just Star Wars but a wide variety of miniatures. Their cases are on the pricey side, so it took me a few months before I finally pulled the trigger and bought one after much deliberation and research. I am now the owner of a Feldherr MAXI case, and have had it for a couple of months now. What’s the verdict?



Out of the box.

Out of the box.

The Feldherr case I purchased is, specifically, the Rebel Set 1, which holds the Tantive IV, the Millennium Falcon, and the YT-2400, as well as fifteen other ships (the latter category is the smaller ships, such as the X-Wing, A-Wing, TIE Fighters, and so on). At $70, this was something of a steep investment, but I really wanted a case to carry my components in so I could FINALLY visit the game store and play with the figures that I’ve spent two years collecting.

GrogCast Season 2, Episode 10

17 November 2015 ~

Here comes our most recent over-the-air radio broadcast (Friday nights, 9pm Eastern, Shortwave radio 5110 WBCQ), wrapping up this batch of industry interviews, we’ve got industry stalwart Anthony Gallela joining us to talk about his game-convention-running past, current projects, and some changes he’s seen in the game business over the years.


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GameTalk: Movies!


Byron Grant for GrogHeads ~


Have you ever tried to recreate a scene or battle from a movie in a wargame?

Did you ever modify an ASL scenario to play out a scene from A Bridge Too Far or use Lock’n’Load: Band of Heroes to play out part of The Longest Day?

Ever try to game out The Patriot or Gladiator?

Any interesting realizations or learnings that came out of gaming a scene from a movie?

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