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Big ads - in color! - were usually reserved for covers, since interiors were back and white.

Big ads – in color! – were usually reserved for covers, since interiors were back and white.

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GameTalk: Weird Weapons of War


Byron Grant for GrogHeads ~

Weird Weapons of War

If necessity is the Mother of Invention, then the desperate days of war have brought about some very unique (but not always successful) battlefield innovations. To wit: the Japanese Lunge mine, Russian mine dogs, and the German Goliath. Do experimental weapons show us the value (or futility?) of unique or alternative thinking in waging war, or are they just fun to play and an entertaining distraction? What games have you played that allowed you to deploy some of these odd weapons?

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Tracer Rounds: Wargaming the Soft Factors


What aren’t we training, and why not? ~

Brant, 23 May 2016

The US military has a wargaming problem.  Well, honestly, they’ve got a bunch, but we’re only going to focus on one specific problem in this column.  And I have no idea if other militaries suffer from a similar problem, so I’ll let our international readers (both of you!) chime in with your thoughts if you’ve got some inside information.TR-sim-map

The core of the issue is this:  US military games don’t account for soft factors, like morale, training, esprit de corps, technical competence of the commander, or simple soldier skills, among literally dozens of others.

Look, we know that not all units are created equal and that not all leaders are equally competent.  But There’s never a platoon of morons in a JANUS exercise, and at BCBST, you’re never allowed to stick C CO in the rear of the march column because if they were out front they’d be the most likely to get lost en route.  Well, you’re allowed to stick them in the rear, but if the evaluators ask you why, you’d better not give that answer, because how dare you accurately assess a weakness of a subordinate unit and then develop a plan to minimize the exposure to that weakness (and isn’t that a real piece of risk management?).

The Battle of Waterloo: A Comparative Exercise, Part 2


Our resident Napoleonicist continues to compare all things Waterloo side-by-side, and ratcheting up the difficulty level on the games ~

Jim Owczarski, 21 May 2016

The nice part about doing a series is one can leave aside the preliminary pleasantries and leap to the business at hand.  For those who missed the first journey into the world of wargaming Waterloo (I may need to trademark alliteration that strong), it’s here.

For those already up to speed, what follows is a discussion of some of the medium-weight games to take up this greatest of battles.

It may surprise some that I do not find Richard Borg’s Command and Colors: Napoleonics to be a light wargame.  It is, after all, the direct descendant of Memoir ’44, likely the greatest gateway wargame ever made.  It borrows its predecessor’s left-center-right battlefield construction; units, though blocks and not little plastic man, are still formed of a few markers each; a hand of cards drawn from a common deck that shares many similarities with Memoir drives the action; and combat is resolved with dice that have symbols rather than pips.

They were on sale.  How could I say no?

They were on sale.  How could I say no?

GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #93


After a short hiatus, GARPA is back! ~

GrogHeads Staff, 20 May 2016

Polyversal Miniatures Game (Collins Epic Games)
$24k of $30k, ends 9 June 2016

We let Byron chime in on this one in an earlier interview.  After scaling back from an overly-ambitious earlier Kickstarter campaign, Polyversal has relaunched with a leaner, meaner, and slimmer campaign that’s focused on the game and the minis, and less on the terrain.  You still get the same great 6mm minis game with an innovative command system that visually represents command relationships with the layout of the unit cards.  Oh yeah, some of the minis are just wicked cool.  Rumble over to the campaign page at Kickstarter and see what you find!


Gaming Nostalgia – Blind Cyclops Inn

#TBT at GrogHeads!

Another RPG minis ad, but this time painted and photographed.

Another RPG minis ad, but this time painted and photographed.

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GrogCast Origins Previews: Command Post Wargaming

podcast SPLASH-Origins

19 May 2016 ~

We’re continuing our Origins 2016 previews for the Central Command this week with the guys that run the Command Post Wargaming events.  Want to know how these work?  Think the “staff” just makes the commander his coffee?  We’ll teach you the planning process and let you tackle the mission as it unfolds in (almost) real time.

podcast SPLASH-Origins

Our Origins previews are short, sweet, and focused on the show.  It’s a Gus-fun-sized package of goodness as we ramp up for the show.  Stay tuned for more previews from the rest of our friends.

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News! War Plan Crimson Released


Check out the latest from Tiny Battles Publishing ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 18 May 2016

Tiny Battles Publishing in re-releasing an older Brian Train classic that lets all you ‘Muricans live out your fantasies of leaving the country following the election of whatever-presidential-candidate-you-despise and head north to invade Canada!

tbp-crimsonWAR PLAN CRIMSON is a simulation game of a hypothetical invasion of Canada by the United States some time between 1935 and 1939. The game is for two players, one representing the leader of the armed forces of the United States that could be deployed against Canada (the US player) and the other representing the commander of the Canadian and British forces that would defend against a foreign invasion (the Commonwealth or CW player).