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Today’s Screenshot: Combat Mission Shock Force

Driver’s License?  We don’t need no driver’s license! ~

Boggit, 19 July 2016


The élite of the Syrian tank driving school

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GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #69

The siren song of pre-orders, begging for your wallet to open up and dispense your hard-earned shekels within.

Fog & Friction (Pondfoot Games)
£2k of £14k, ends 31 May 2015

Another WWII card game?  Why not?!  Fog & Friction gets you into the battles of the Western front with a nifty two-battlefields-at-the-same-time mechanic that forces you to balance your efforts to keep your opponent guessing where the damage is coming from next.  The artwork is period-evocative, and because the designers are based in the UK, the Commonwealth are not given second-shrift by the over-abundance of Yanks running around the game like they saved the world by themselves.  Flip over to their campaign page and shoot off a few bucks.  Half of our forum crew are already backing them, so you’ll have plenty of folks to play and discuss with.


Tuesday Screenshot – Airship Dragoon

Airship Dragoon – facing down the Americans

Vincent Kowolik, 10 March 2015

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It has to be alternate history if they took down the US, eh?

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Tuesday Screenshot: The Big Boom

It’s still Tuesday somewhere…

Boggit, 24 February 2015

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If you’re gonna boom, make it a big boom


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Tuesday Screenshot – Rise of Venice


Monty, 20 January 2015

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Screenie-Rise of Venice (2)

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