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My First ConsimWorld Expo Experience


Who ventures into the desert in summer?  Wargamers! ~

By Christian Snyder, 18 August 2018

A big thanks to Ric Van Dyke who took and provided the photos; he is a much better and more reliable photographer than I!

Even though ConsimWorld and its Expo are a staple of the wargaming hobby, (and have been for almost two decades) I hesitate to write this, as I feel like I am letting out the secret of one of the best Expos in Wargaming. Besides putting these words to paper, I have recounted this information dozens of times to family, friends, peers, anyone who I thought might be interested in knowing what ConsimWorld Expo was like. Additionally, in my first drafts, I tried listing all the designers, developers, and great people that I met. But in doing so, I would undoubtedly leave someone out, and instead, I would prefer to just focus on the ConsimWorld Expo experience. So other than a very few, I am omitting almost all names. First, I will explain what I thought ConsimWorld Expo was all about, then what my excited initial reaction was, and finally, the deep and great appreciation that I have for ConsimWorld Expo after some simple introspection. First and foremost, this was my first ConsimWorld Expo, my first board game expo, and my first true expo/con-anything. So maybe a grain of salt or two is required, but take a read, and see for yourself.

The Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom of the Tempe Palms Hotel packed full of Wargamers


Origins 2018 – The Vendor Hall

Origins Vendor Hall

Hell no, we’re not done with Origins photos! ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 29 June 2018

We’ve posted some vendor hall pics before, but here’s some more, with a particular look at some of the other wargame companies there that we weren’t already working with.

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Photos by Corinne Mahaffey

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Origins 2018 – The Coolest Thing You Saw

What did the Grogs think was the coolest thing they saw at the show?  Let them tell you ~

The GrogHeads, 27 June 2018

video by Merkusa

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Origins 2018 – Minis!

While not hugely prominent, there’s no shortage of minis-based gaming ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 27 June 2018

Minis games are spread across 2 different gaming halls, and you can always find other minis tucked away in other gaming, too (like OGRE!).  Some of the minis displays in the exhibit hall can be borderline breathtaking.

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photos by Corinne Mahaffey

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Origins 2018 – My First Time Running an Event at Origins

A behind-the-scenes look at a GM for an RPG event ~

Avery Abernethy, 26 June 2018

Although I’ve run a Cons before going all the way back to 1983, I’ve not run at Origins.  My experience was quite favorable.


Rogue Cthulhu

My event ran under the Rogue Cthulhu group.  Rogue is quite strict on whom and what they allow to be run under their logo.

They must see you as a player before they will let you run an event.  The leaders of the group also review the materials before you run to maintain a certain level of quality control.  Rogue does not run anything that has been published previously, although they will run one or two new, unreleased scenarios by Chaosium every year.