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Warlock Four-Player AAR Tuna Session 10

LongBlade (LB): No, gentle reader, you have not miscounted or misread the title. Our last report came from Tuna and ended on Turn 38. The remaining players have had a few interruptions in real life, so we must pick up the story at the earliest point Tuna can share with us, Turn 58.



Tuna opens the turn by researching a new spell, Barren Lands. This is an offensive spell that will turn any land with resources into barren terrain.


He then continues on his mission to clear out Monsters in the Northeast, to clean the land for settlers he anticipates will soon move there.


Warlock Four-Player AAR – Tuna Round 3

LongBlade: Hmmm.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

As of Turn 38 our four-player Warlock game suddenly became a three-player game. Bartheart had the misfortune to be crushed by MetalDog. It was tough to watch but these things do happen.

You you may recall, dear reader, Bartheart had sent a request for help to Tuna. Tuna couldn’t figure out how to conduct trade for a turn, and while that delay was costly, probably most costly was a probable distraction between the other two players. Allowing MetalDog free reign to go one-on-one against any other player is likely to only feed MetalDog’s success.

So let us turn our attention to the north and see what has preoccupied Tuna from helping a possible ally in Bartheart.

Turn 34

The Command Tent declares war on Tuna.



Here a picture can tell a thousand words. In this case it probably tells the outcome of the game even though three players still wander the land. On Turn 32 Bartheart lost the city of Unceraculum. It’s now blue, indicating MetalDog has conqured it (in the lower center of the above image).

More interestingly, however, is the fact that The Command Tent and Tuna are going after each other hammer-and-tongs. They should be able to see that MetalDog is crushing Bartheart. Will they call a truce and attempt to gang up against MetalDog? Or will they stay locked in a deathgrip with one another and ignore the threat from their south?

Some good news for Tuna – he’s founded a new city and building an infrastructure to get some higher quality archers.


Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3

Longblade: Bartheart started our four-player Warlock AAR but quickly ran afoul of MetalDog, who was moving quickly to attack his newly found neighbor. Things were not looking good for Bartheart, as MetalDog may be the most experienced Warlock player on the planet. Let us see how things are going.


Turn 31 – One down, two to go.

Lost my newest city, no screen shots of that debacle… too depressing…

The Blue Horde is wailing on my skeleton city. I’m having severe food problems  making it hard to field any kind of resistance.

Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3 Turn_031

Warlock Four-Player AAR – Tuna Session 2

LongBlade: Tuna’s images from Session 2 have managed to make it through to my scrying ball. His script, however, has not. As a result I have had to draft an imp to decrypt his images and piece together the narrative of the game. But fear not! We have managed to decypher Tuna’s actions and intent. We think. That, or I will banish a hapless imp back to a summoning circle for another few decades to teach it a lesson.

 Turn 20

As we noted in previous sessions, Tuna’s initial 20 turns were lost to us. But we pick up with him on Turn 20. As we have seen from the other three players, Tuna is the last to be discovered. As a result he’s been up to no good fighting the AI. Three of his archers have been besieging the city of Duropilon. One of his units has been damaged and his first move is to cast a spell to heal that unit.


Warlock Four-Player AAR – The Command Tent Round 1

LongBlade: So far this four-player game of turn-based mayhem is going smashingly well. MetalDog kicked things off with a bang. Then we looked in on Bartheart to see how his kingdom was faring. For whatever reason Tuna’s initial moves have been lost to the instabilities of the magic weave. But fear not! I have his subsequent reports. So it is that we now turn to The Command Tent to peer in on his nascent empire…

The Command Tent: Turn 1

Behold my mighty city of Sagecliff.  Set on the coast and north of a natural bottleneck that will make defending enemy attacks from the south much easier.  First order of business is to explore the surrounding areas to find the other mages as well as scout for possible city locations.

Warlock Four-Player-AAR-Session1-TCT Turn 1