Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3

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Longblade: Bartheart started our four-player Warlock AAR but quickly ran afoul of MetalDog, who was moving quickly to attack his newly found neighbor. Things were not looking good for Bartheart, as MetalDog may be the most experienced Warlock player on the planet. Let us see how things are going.


Turn 31 – One down, two to go.

Lost my newest city, no screen shots of that debacle… too depressing…

The Blue Horde is wailing on my skeleton city. I’m having severe food problems  making it hard to field any kind of resistance.

Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3 Turn_031

Turn 32 – Another one bites the dust.

Ummmm… things are not looking good… one lone swordsmen to stand against the hoard. I begin to trade with Tuna, gold for mana… maybe I can field a magic army…..

Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3 Turn_032

Turn 33 – The Blue Meenies cometh.

ACK! They’re here already and pounding on my capitol. Tuna can’t figure out how to send me mana!!

Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3 Turn_033

Turn 34 – Not dead yet…

MetalDog’s units are, thankfully, fragile and my small force of swordsmen clear some of the land of invaders. His mage, however, is a real pain in the arse!

Tuna figures out trade. Yeah mana! Now fer ethereal meenies of my own.

Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3 Turn_034

Turn 38 – Knock of doom.

I’ve been killing some of his units, but not fast enough. Spell strikes against his mage are largely ineffective. Just not enough time…..

Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3 Turn_038

Turn 40 – DOH!.

Well…. that was…… fast…… I mean …. ummmm….. WOW!

Warlock Four-Player AAR – Bartheart Round 3 Turn_040


Not much to say here… except I suck! 🙂

My starting location was not great. This gave me nowhere safe to expand and caused a food shortage that stunted the growth of my cities.

I messed up in not building a hunter building right away so I had no ranged troops after the first one died. This probably caused my demise to come sooner but I don’t think even that would have helped me against MetalDog’s hoard of Blue Meenies.

It’s a really fun game. Don’t let my quick death fool you. Some games can go on ferever…..

Longblade: OK, I’ll admit it. That was painful to watch. Truly, Bartheart is a humble man. MetalDog has been constantly honing his Warlock skills since he bought the game. He has gradually worked up to playing it on the highest difficulty level against the toughest and most AI opponents. Bartheart’s gameplay isn’t at fault here. He was cursed by two misfortunes: part of capitol was located on useless land and he was the first kingdom MetalDog spotted. MetalDog prefers to attack on sight, and when on Turn 9 he found Bartheart’s border Bartheart’s kingdom was at risk. Without allies and against a determined opponent who was amassing forces for the first opportunity to pounce, unfortunately MetalDog was able to bring all his forces to bear in one lightning strike. Unless The Tent and Tuna can forge an alliance and quickly move against MetalDog, they too may meet the same fate. We shall see…

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