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Nuts! 4th Edition – Pzrjager Goes on Patrol!


Today I’ll be doing a tank patrol as the Americans in Normandy using NUTS! 4th Edition and Tabletop Simulator. I’ll be using the rules for solo gaming.


I have a platoon of three M4 75mm Shermans, each with a tank commander (TC) Rep of 5, and the gunner, loader, driver, and bow gunner with Reps of 4. Rep represents things like skill, experience, and training and will determine how well our crews fight, drive, and react to certain situations. I won’t be playing with any “Star” rules, which give your “main character” many opportunities to escape damage or death.

To keep things simple all enemies will be a Panzer IV F1 platoon. Their TC will have a Rep of 4 and the rest of their crew will have a Rep of 3.

By: Pzrjager,



What’s Gus Playing? Wolfenstein 2 – New Colossus!

wolfenstein0514141280jpg dcf9b0 1280w

I don’t play nearly enough shooters, or ‘blockbuster’ games.  I am at the age now where the phrase ‘blockbuster’ just turns me off – I guess I’m jaded.

That said, I could not help get wound up in the hype surrounding The New Colossus. And you know what? The damned game delivered. Why it has ‘mixed’ reviews on Steam is beyond me.  I don’t even care.

wolfenstein0514141280jpg dcf9b0 1280w

Wolfenstein 2!

By: Lloyd Sabin,