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Gaming Nostalgia – Republic of Rome

#TBT at GrogHeads!

The civil-military-political-intrigue classic

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Outpost Gamma – A GrogHeads AAR, part 4

The legionnaires are far from home, and facing impossible odds to play each turn in a reasonable amount of time ~

Michael Eckenfels, 30 August 2017


It should be noted that I forgot about a stunned Irdan unit in the south; here is an updated map for your perusal.

When we last left off, the Irdan hordes were advancing slowly but surely on Outpost Gamma. Let’s get back into the action without further ado!

GrogHeads Reviews Sovereign of the Seas

Global naval conflict in the Age of Sail? Yes, please! ~

Jim Owczarski, 26 August 2017

The child of many gifts who does not rise to his potential is a cliche.  Now a parent, I find that cliche, when made flesh, to be one of the most frustrating of human experiences.  After all, this is a person you love with all your heart, who you know is capable of remarkable things, and yet, in this moment, for reasons you cannot discern, is just not, well, getting it done.

Thus my summary of Compass Games’ Sovereign of the Seas, an improvisation on the theme of Avalon Hill’s legendary War at Sea that has within it some legitimately fun, if light, game play, but needed more time in development; development that now, unfortunately, is being handled after release.

Gaming Nostalgia – DragonStrike

#TBT at GrogHeads!

A dragon combat “simulator”?  Any relation to the craptacular Dragon Strike board game?

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Video: Tech?No! Bowl – First Look!

Kick-off* your week with Tech?No! Bowl ~

Michael Eckenfels, 20 August 2017

What’s in the new tabletop football game?

*yes, we know it was a gimme joke.

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