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Alea Jacta Est – Cantabrian Wars Scenario DLC

Reviewed by Boggit, 22 February 2013

Developer and Publisher: AGEOD and Matrix Games

Back in December Boggit reviewed the well-received core Alea Jacta Est game – see here for the original review. Recently, AGEOD have added to this excellent game with the Cantabrian Wars scenario. Boggit takes the Grog’s view of whether it is a “Fiery War” or should “Just burn”.

For those gamers with Alea Jacta Est, it is recommended to upgrade to the v1.02 patch. V1.02 adds a number of nice features including tabs for city and fort size, enabling these important values to be spotted at a glance, but most importantly if you want to be able to play Cantabrian Wars you do need to patch to v1.02 from vanilla or from v1.01.

Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part Ten-and-Four

By Undercovergeek, 21 February 2013

Hey look, it’s UCG’s Crusader Kings II AAR…

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In part 13 a son was lost, Naples was gained, more sons were born, Oberto met the Sicilians – he wasn’t impressed – and Matilda’s line of dead husbands grew longer. Now in Part 14 Oberto wrests his lands from the evil clutches of Matilda and declares his independence.


After the latest update Oberto’s ability to manage his own lands has been reduced. I’m only 1 over the limit – it shouldn’t have too much effect on the demesne – we’ll keep an eye on it. As I’m only a Count I can’t give away subsections of demesne – it’s the whole county or nothing and I don’t want to give hard fought lands away yet.


Tuesday Screenshot

The Settlers Online

The sleepy village of Bugtussle struggles against the wilderness as they seek to establish a solid foothold in the wilds of realm Ares 2. But with solid mining production, enough arable land to support some population influx, and nearby lakes for fishing and water, their future seems bright. As long as war can be averted…

PC Game Review of Eador: Genesis

Dan Smith, 20 February 2013

Developer: Alexey Bokulev and Publisher: Snowbird Games (Russia)


Mix three parts “groggier version of Heroes of Might & Magic”, one part “more RPG’ish version of Dominions”, add in a dash of Eastern European difficulty, and you’ve got Eador: Genesis. It’s a one-man labor of love by Russian developer Alexey Bokulev, with all of the good (and only a few of the drawbacks) that comes with such a bare-bones resource model. For $6, it’s a steal!

The Good: Challenging AI, Deep Game Play, Good Replay Value, Whole is Greater than the Sum of the parts
The Bad: Poor English-language documentation, Basic Graphics, Unforgiving Game Play

PC Game Review of Squad Battles: First World War

A review by Boggit, 17 February 2013

Developer and Publisher: John Tiller Software

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The recent surge in wargames set during the First World War is leaving Wargamers spoilt for choice. With Squad Battles: First World War, Boggit takes Grog’s view of whether it is a “Breakthrough” or is “Caught on the Wire”.


Squad Battles: First World War John Tiller Software’s latest addition to their series of Squad Battles games. Hitherto John Tiller’s Squad Battles have focused on the Modern and World War Two timeframe. The First World War is a new departure for this series so what has changed and does the Squad Battles Engine “work” for the First World War?



Pins and casualties everywhere as the first wave break against the British line