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Alea Jacta Est – Cantabrian Wars Scenario DLC

Reviewed by Boggit, 22 February 2013

Developer and Publisher: AGEOD and Matrix Games

Back in December Boggit reviewed the well-received core Alea Jacta Est game – see here for the original review. Recently, AGEOD have added to this excellent game with the Cantabrian Wars scenario. Boggit takes the Grog’s view of whether it is a “Fiery War” or should “Just burn”.

For those gamers with Alea Jacta Est, it is recommended to upgrade to the v1.02 patch. V1.02 adds a number of nice features including tabs for city and fort size, enabling these important values to be spotted at a glance, but most importantly if you want to be able to play Cantabrian Wars you do need to patch to v1.02 from vanilla or from v1.01.