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Grogheads Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide! Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here

Imperial guards

I always hated the oft quoted (and misquoted) phrase; “No man is an island”.  No man is a pizza, either.  But I do get the sentiment.  Essentially it means that being part of a team is better than being alone.  And that is absolutely true when the thin veneer of society falls away.  When things are bad, a team is essential to survival. Mad Max roaming the dystopian wasteland wouldn’t last long at all. Movies and TV often feature the sole figure surviving alone, but one guy out in the wild can’t stand guard while he sleeps, can’t flank an enemy and has no contingency plan for unexpected mayhem.  There are loads of other things one person can’t do, not to mention it can get lonely as hell when the only other beings out there want to kill you and or eat you.  Having a team is probably one of the factors that most greatly increases the odds of survival during very bad times. Your immediate family may be that team, but then again, it may not.

Imperial guards

The post-apocalyptic family

By: Jonathan Glazer