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Grogheads AAR – Combat Mission Black Sea!

combat mission black sea steam


When in 2009 Battlefront began to develop Black Sea, the next title in the Combat Mission series involving a modern fictional Russian invasion of the Ukraine, they couldn’t possibly have imagined that in less than five short years, Russian combat units would be storming across the border into Ukrainian territory making the scenario much less of a hypothetical.  Despite exerting every effort to avoid the portrayal of an ongoing, undecided conflict, it is nearly impossible to avoid comparisons to the violent confrontation that is still raging across the Donbass.  

Combat Mission Black Sea (“CMBS”) is described by Battlefront as a “military grade simulation” depicting a fictional armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine which results in open combat in the summer of 2017. “As Russian forces move into Ukrainian territory the Ukrainians do their best to defend their country against a numerically and technologically superior adversary. Events surrounding the invasion cause NATO to send its advanced rapid deployment forces to check the Russian advance. A brutal scenario, for sure, but one which allows you to get a glimpse of what full spectrum contemporary near-peer tactical warfare is all about.”

Although CMBS has been available directly from Battlefront since November 2014, it has recently been released on Steam in partnership with Slitherine Ltd., significantly broadening its audience and reinvigorating interest in the source material.  So, grab your AK and join Grogheads on the frontline of this brutal modern confrontation as Russian and Ukrainian mechanized troops clash over a small government complex.  Ura!!!

By: Craig Handler

combat mission black sea steam

Grogheads Preview – Field of Glory II: Medieval!

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Field of Glory and it’s expansions have a permanent place on my hard drive. From the ancient world of Rome, Persia and Greece through to Rome’s fall, through the Dark Ages and the subsequent struggles in Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Field of Glory 2 carried on its tradition of making history fans of all stripes squeal at delight at the appearance of their favorite troop types, armies and nations in one-off historical battles, linked campaigns and tons of of user made content. I will need another lifetime to get through each user made battle and campaign that I have downloaded over time.

So, it is with a proper level of giddy delight that I have been afforded a sneak peek of the next game in the series: Field of Glory II: Medieval (FogII: M), due out February 4 for the masses from Byzantine Games and Slitherine Ltd., and set (initially) between 1040AD and 1270AD…you just know those expansions will be coming fast and furious.

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By: Lloyd Sabin

Grogheads Interviews – Shadow Empire!


Grogheads is obsessed with Shadow Empire, the latest grand strategy title developed by VR Designs and published by Slitherine Ltd.  This deep, complex wargame set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe has reinvigorated the genre and is a fantastic addition to the already impressive line-up of games delivered by Victor Reijkersz, the talented one-man act behind VR Designs and the popular Decisive Campaigns series.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Victor and pick his brain. So, if you’re interested in getting some behind-the-scenes details about Shadow Empire and learning about what treats may be in store for this intriguing title,  read on below!


By: Grogheads Staff,

Grogheads Impressions – Jupiter Hell!

450px Jupiter Hell cover

Jupiter Hell is a traditional roguelike currently under development by ChaosForge. It is set on a futuristic moon station that you might recognize from the golden era of ‘90s gaming.  You play as a Totally-Not-Doom-Guy fighting for desperate survival against swarms of demons and zombie soldiers who all happen to be armed to the teeth.  Along the way you’ll find plenty of pistols, shotguns, grenades, med-kits, and BFGs to fend off the hordes of Hades.  Sound familiar? More importantly, if it sounds fun – keep on reading for our impressions!

450px Jupiter Hell cover

By: James Maxwell