Origins! Last Day Wrap-up

frontier wars 728x90 KS

What do you do when it’s all been done? ~

Corinne Mahaffey, 20 June 2016

Sunday is a weird day at Origins.  The high points of Friday and Saturday are over, and it’s a thinner crowd.  Some people are intent on finding a possible last minute deal in the Dealer’s Room, others are squeezing out the last possible bit of gaming time.  And many people are trickling off homewards.

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The GrogHeads booth itself had a series of AARs – one at 0830 for Command Post Wargaming, one at 1030 on the booth itself, preceded by handing out many prizes for Grogheads event participants and then by the now-traditional picture with the sheep.  After the AAR, those of us who remained  took down the booth.  Then we all took a last run at
the dealer’s room or a game of interest – getting the Grog team into the MechPods being a perennial favorite!

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You get a prize, and You get a prize, and You get a prize, and You get a prize… Everyone gets a priiiiiiiiiize!

GrogHeads must categorically deny that Brant uttered the phrase “Wow, that guy cosplaying Captain Darwin is a chick magnet!” as he was playing leapfrog with a baby tyrannosaur.

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