GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #73

frontier wars 728x90 KS

GARPA eschews all hexes for something different this week,

The Day of the Rangers  (Radio Dishdash Publishing Ltd.)
$320 of $4600, ends 23 August 2015

A combination of both rules and minis, this newly-launched game series has built their first expansion around the (in)famous BlackHawk Down battle in Mogadishu.  The figures are excellent and could easily be re-used in any number of post-Cold War games.  The campaign page also includes some 360° videos of the sample sculpts, so fast-rope over to their page and see how much you want to plunk down.



Steampunk Militia Miniatures (Andrew May)
$5000 of $1800, ends 3 August 2015

Another set of figures, from another era.  This is the second series from this designer, and these steampunk minis include Kickstarter exclusives, command groups, infantry and militia squads, and more.  You can even add-on a squad of female militia members, if corsets and rifles are your thing.  Stretch goals include new sculpts and poses.  March over to their campaign page and grab your share.



High Frontier (Ares Magazine)
$130k of $14k, ends 1 August 2015

OSS’s relaunch of Ares Magazine probably started out capturing the nostalgia market of the over-40 crowd who were eager to relive the early halcyon days of their first forays into sci-fi gaming.  However, under OSS’s supervision, Ares has caught fire and exceeded every funding goal that’s been set for the relaunch, by several orders of magnitude.  High Frontier is the game included in the newest issue of Ares, and the space exploration theme is skyrocketing up the funding charts.  Launch over to the campaign page and grab your copy now.



Let’s Play Dice! (BTR Innovations)
$11300 of $800, ends 1 August 2015

Two different designs, a rounded and squared-off version, give you some options with these nifty artistic and balanced dice.  They’ve got beveled edges and are available in stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, and more.  You can get a full set in sterling silver, if you just need something to show off to Chester and Davenport at the Edgington Society Club.  Roll over to their pledge page and pony up your bones.


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