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GrogHeads Reviews World at War: America Conquered

Unleash your inner Wolverine with the latest addition to the World at War family.

Reviewed by Scott R. Krol, 7 March 2014

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The World at War series from Mark H. Walker and his LNL Publishing is a series of tactical wargames set in a hypothetical mid-80’s World War III between the forces of  NATO and the Warsaw Pact.  Earlier titles focused on this cold war gone hot on the European continent, but now the war comes to North America with World At War: America Conquered (henceforth, WAW: AC).

Upon picking up the box for WAW: AC the first thing one will notice is that for a relatively thin box it feels like its made of depleted uranium.  LNL Publishing has filled the box with gaming goodness:  four 11” x 17” mounted maps, with European folds and no American valleys, over seven hundred counters, a couple of full color player aid charts and of course a rules book.  Unfortunately while all this fits snugly into the box prior to punching the counters, once the counters are punched there is no room in the box for the pieces because of the mounted maps.

Many dead trees contributed to your gaming pleasure.

Many dead trees contributed to your gaming pleasure.


The maps themselves, representing terrain in both Texas and Florida, are nice. The visuals may not be breathtaking but are simple and clean, with no confusion over what is represented.  Counters are of high quality, with an almost linen like finish.  Vehicles have full color side views while infantry and support weapons are NATO icons.

While many of the World at War titles have been expansions, WAW: AC is a complete, stand alone game.  Ownership of earlier titles is not required to enjoy WAW: AC .