Birth of the Federation, an AAR, Part 2

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Part 2: Terraformin’

Fortunately there are no alien life forms in the Tohvun system. While this is a sad little system with tiny little planets (two Barren, one Desert, one Jungle, and one Arctic), the Jungle planet has a food bonus for its fertile soil, and the Desert planet has some great angles or something to it so it catches lots of rays for solar energy absorption. Or something. It’s pretty scientific, you probably wouldn’t even understand.

Those brave colonists immediately began to terraform the planets in the Tohvun system. Meanwhile, I took a look at how things were here in the Sol system. That’s where Earth is, don’cha know.


We’ve managed to terraform Mars, but not Venus, Mercury, or Pluto. Right now we have room for about another 80 population, but if we terraformed those three planets we’d have a shot at really growing our britches off.


We have quite an infrastructure already in place, with tons of buildings not even being used yet. That’s okay, because as I said, we’re going to be fornicatin’ like bunnies to churn out lots of little humans to throw recklessly through the void. Although upon closer inspection, I realize that there’s no population manning either the Databanks or the Universities. The Databanks, I can understand; that churns out Intelligence, which is used to protect us from big aliens (pshaw), so it’s not needed right now. Research, though…yeah, I kinda wasted a turn there by not assigning any scientists last turn. I order “off with their heads,” but they tell me I can’t do that. These people, I swear. If only there was a race in the universe somewhere that appreciated a good old fashioned off-with-their-heads mentality…hmm.


Well, since this is about spreading our human seeds throughout the known universe, I’ve ordered the construction of another colony ship. The lottery selection process is in place and already has begun, even though it’ll be a while before the ship is built. After that, I’ve asked for another NX-01 craft to be built. Then, we’ll get a Troop Transport built, which will be used to expand our horizons and the range of our ships.


From the looks of things, we’ll need a LOT of Troop Transports.

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