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frontier wars 728x90 KS

This week’s GARPA? A truckload of new games on Kickstarter, and some wargaming, too!

Board Games

GBACW: Twin Peaks (GMT Games)
p500 – not there yet!  Pre-order price $41

Building off of one of wargaming’s most enduing game systems (TSS first rolled out in 1976), Twin Peaks govers the battles of Cedar Mountain and South Mountain, in the fall of 1862.  It’s two games in one, and both part of the series that all ACW gamers already know and love.  There’s a high level of complexity in the system, but that’s the tradeoff you make for the high degrees of realism and fidelity you get.  It’s the seventh GMT game in this series, so you know what you’re getting into for art and design.  Jump into the GBACW series with this while it’s on pre-order; hit GMT’s site to make your pledge.G38-twin


Storm over Dien Bien Phu (MMP)G38-storm
p500 – 156 of 520 needed, preorder price $33

The last gasp of the French in Southeast Asia, the decisive 1954 battle set set the stage for dramatic shifts in warfighting for the next half-century.  MMP’s game gives players the familiar “Storm Over ____” system to jump into their game quickly, and augments gameplay with a deck of cards.  The world was shifting from a WWII warfighting mindset ot something much more recognizably “modern” and you can game it out on your table if you pop over to MMP and place a pre-order for the game.



Lagoon: Land of Druids (3HaresGames)
$53,400 of $20,000, ends 2 March 2014

A multiplayer fantasy game, Lagoon also supports single-player romps through a world of magic.  Hexagonal tiles offer special abilities as the druids move about the world, and the modular layout keeps the ‘map’ fresh through repeated playings.  There are multiple forms of energy to juggle, as well as shifting your characters aroudn the map to maintain a balance of power.  Also of note to our overseas readers, 3Hares Games plan to ship all rewards to EU countries from within the EU, thus eliminating most of the customs charges associated with games coming from stateside.  Check out their Kickstarter page to make your pledge, after you check out the video of gameplay and reading some glowing testamonials.G38-Lagoon


Role-playing and Miniatures Games

Pulp City Supreme Edition (Pulp Monsters)
$65,800 of $10,000, ends 1 March 2014

The original Pulp City is almost 7 years old, and urban action adventure is still a blast.  Bringing together your favorite 80s-inspired superheroes, crimelords, and cartoons, Pulp City is after-school nostalgia in 32mm figures.  The pledge levels give you access to all manner of figures, rules, cards, and even a personalized character in the game.  They also have separate stretch goals based on how much money they raise, and how many backers they get, so even throwing $10 their way helps raise both sets of reward levels.  Check out their Kickstarter page with gameplay videos and some excellent artwork, and then firgure out how much you’re going to spend.  Because you’re going to spend it.G38-Pulp



G38-egyptEgyptian Harem Miniatures III (Mike Burns)
$4300 of $2000 goal, funding ends 24 March 2014

Admit it, you’ve always wanted your own harem.  Now’s your chance!  Pledge yourself to this Indiegogo campaign as a Royal Concubine, and get 2 sets of the minis shipped anywhere in the world.  You have to paint them yourself, but really, are you going to complain about lightly stroking Egyptian harem girls with a gentle touch?  Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.  Seriously, though, there are 12 different ‘sets’ of minis, including a variety of excellent poses for guardsmen, court attendants, the queen, musicians, and yes, the girls.  Check out their Indiegogo page, and see how the flexible funding model can get you your own royal harem.


City of Aldenheim (Forge of Realms)
£521 of £3000, ends 27 February 2014

It’s got a ways to go to make the cut, but the artwork in this RPG adventure pack is stunning.  Different pledge levels unlock different parts of the city, with their maps, denizens, and adventure hooks.  You’re supporting a series of PDF downloads, so you’re resposnible for your own printing, but again, did we mention the stunning artwork?  The city is a lively place with a variety of detailed key locations, and just enough to fill in the margins for any serious urban adventure.  The material is system-agnostic, so you can plug it into a Savage Worlds campaign just as easily as a D&D or GURPS campaign.  Check out their Kickstarter page and see if it scratches an itch for you RPGers out there.G38-Alden


G38-TinkerRandom Stuff

Tinker Gearchips (Tesh of Project Khopesh)
$4400 or $600, Ends 27 February 2014

We always manage to find you that one cool gaming accessory you just can’t live without.  This time, it’s a set of steampunk-inspired poker- or gaming-chips, in a variety of colors and finishes.  Use them as cash counters in a game or markers on a board.  Or play poker.  Or heck, barter them for more favorable die rolls from your DM.  They look cool as hell and with a bunch of different finishes, can be mixed and matched to great effect.  Check out the Kickstarter page and figure out how many you can afford to sneak by the missus.




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