Twilight Struggle: An AAR – Part 5

frontier wars 728x90 KS

How’s the new digital Twilight Struggle play? ~

Michael Eckenfels, 21 April 2016




ts aar-051


ts aar-052


He plays DE GAULLE LEADS FRANCE* for Influence placement. Its Ops value is 3, but he only gets 2 because of my RED SCARE/MENACE Headline Phase card. He places 1 Influence in Zaire (giving him Control), and 1 in Hungary (he needs 3 for Control).


His run in Africa is worrying, but so too is the Communist fever running through the Middle East.




ts aar-053


Another consideration is I’ve not committed one Coup or done anything to gain Military Ops. I have to do four of these each Turn or I lose VPs equal to the amount of Military Ops (Mil Ops) that I don’t complete. So, I’ll have to stage a Coup somewhere. (Damn the CIA and their influence…)


(Please note: like most great politicians, as soon as I wrote the above paragraph, I completely lost my mind and my intent as to what I wanted to do. Instead of trying to get some Military Ops, I end up doing something different. I lost sight of this and, as any GOOD player of this game will tell you, it’s a juggling act, but a manageable one. In any case, this is yet another fail on my part, which I told you to expect very, very early on.)


ts aar-054


Since this Turn is turning into a disaster, I might as well continue the ride and play VIETNAM REVOLTS*. It’ll give him a more solid hold on Vietnam, but I can’t do anything about that anyway.


It costs me 2 Ops to place 1 Influence in Iraq, but I do it, removing Control from the USSR. (I do not, unfortunately, have a screenshot to show you this, but you’ll see it in future screenshots.) This is easily enough countered by him if he chooses to do so, but it would mean he’d have to react to me for a change.

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