Tuesday Screenshot

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Tuesday Screenshot June 18 2013 CMFI screenshot

In the distance the smoke rising from the burning wrecks of the Hun’s tanks blemishes an otherwise beautiful view.  The tank beneath me slowly rumbles forward as I can hear the main gun being reloaded behind me.  Ahead lays a vineyard that will soon be destroyed.  I take no pleasure in destroying the livelihood of another, but it stands in my path to the enemy.  In this moment beyond the destruction of my enemy nothing else matters, all else is forfeit.  The thought of this scares me but I know it is what must be done.  So much has been changed by this war, so much is different.  These thoughts, this singled minded drive for destruction, I did not always think like this … what have I become?


By Dan Pinkham

Game: Combat Mission: Fortress Italy

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