What’s Gus Playing? Episode 7

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Our very own half-pint hammerhead is back at war ~

Lloyd Sabin, 13 November 2017

If you’re keeping track of what I’m playing you really need a better hobby. That said, last week I covered my foray in to the first act of Shadow of War, and despite myself I found I kept coming back for 10-12 hours of pretty mindless orkish bloodletting. Now another week has passed and after moaning and wailing, I have arrived at the second act of Shadow War, just in time for army construction and that sweet, sweet siege warfare I have been screaming for. And wouldn’t you know it, just as I’ve developed a good head of steam and plowed directly in to the act…I have started to lose interest.

So I am some distance in to the second act of Shadow of War and feeling a little ‘meh’ about the whole thing.

I don’t dislike Shadow of War, but as noted last week, the entire first act is more of the same from Shadow of Mordor. Relatively speaking, that’s a good thing and the nemesis system is solid…I just wanted more NEWER FASTER!!! And I didn’t get to it quickly enough.

So I am some distance in to the second act of Shadow of War and feeling a little ‘meh’ about the whole thing. For a time I am going to shelve Shadow of War and move on, for my own sanity and yours. I will come back to it, and probably pretty soon, but right now my brain needs something else. An old favorite, a new take on an old formula, something totally out of left field…I’m not sure yet, put it that way. But whatever I start gaming in the next few days will make this little column here more interesting than my mewling about that sweet, sweet siege action. I know this.

So enjoy these last few shots of Shadow of War, for now. I shall return.

YES! I am so stoked. Can’t wait!



Sigh. So the basic gameplay is similar, with the subtle change of brainwashing (dominating) orks and building an army out of them instead of just crushing their heads. I guess a little more of the same.


Players can’t just have a rabble of orks running around under their own command…officers are needed, in the form of Overlords, Warchiefs and the like.


FINALLY, that siege action I have been looking for. But you just can’t waltz right in…army prep is key or players will get their buttocks handed to them. So another obstacle in between me and my beloved siege action. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.


In the meantime, mess with me, deal with this guy. He has sworn fealty to me as a bodyguard and I love his style and personality. Plus having him at my back makes my character feel more badass, which is exactly what a game like this is about, right? That and sieges.



The more orks you dominate, the stronger your army will be for the castle assault. If I ever get to it.


And that’s it for now. That’s as far as I got before I felt I needed to take a break from Shadow of War’s breakneck speed and 100000 things to do at any one time, while at the same time not getting to the sieges quite quickly enough. I know, that doesn’t quite sound right. What can I say? I need a PC gaming change, and I will chronicle it next week. Thanks for reading!

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