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Screenshot Feature: Ace Patrol Pacific Skies

Sauron heads out to the Pacific for an aerial shootout.

Vincent Kowolik, 12 August 2015

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Tuesday Gaming Nostalgia – Star Frontiers

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While the GrogCast is on Summer vacation, we thought we’d bring you some entertaining blasts-from-gaming’s-past with some classic print ads to conjure up some reminiscing.

The classic high-adventure sci-fi RPG was TSR's attempt to take on Traveller.

The classic high-adventure sci-fi RPG was TSR’s attempt to take on Traveller.

What was your favorite race to play in Star Frontiers? What was your most memorable encounter?


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Grogheads interviews Romain Soulié of Nyx Studios

Boggit has a chat with Romain Soulié, the brains behind Legions of Steel

Interview by Boggit, 8 August 2015

GH: Romain, thank you for agreeing to talk to Grogheads about Legions of Steel. 

Dark and eerie corridors – ideal fighting conditions for my Commandos ;-)

Dark and eerie corridors – ideal fighting conditions for my Commandos 😉

GH:  Romain, tell us about yourself. When did you become interested in gaming, and why did you decide to design and produce Legions of Steel?

I have a very classical gaming education, which means for somebody of my generation boardgames, wargames, roleplaying games and video games during my teenage years. I have been lucky enough to work in big companies like EA and Ubisoft before Studio Nyx was founded. Legions of Steel is the first game developed from the ground up by our young studio. The key moment was my encounter with Clark Browning, the designer of the miniature board game from the 90s. We just played his game, I loved it, and we quickly started to talk about a digital adaptation.

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A mixed bag of pre-order goodness for you

The Seven Years War: Frederick’s Gamble  (GMT)
p500 $48, MSRP $69 – not there yet

Borrowing a well-loved system from The Napoleonic Wars that can play 2-4 players, this new one from GMT lets you play out the “real” first World War across Europe, North America, and India.  A truckload of counters, 110 cards, and a bunch of accessories fill out the box.  Chatter on CSW is pretty positive, and players interested in a global view of what’s generally played only as a North American-centric conflict will likely find what they’re looking for here.  GMT is taking p500 pledges on their site.  March over and place yours!


Birth of the Federation, an AAR, Part 13



Aaaaand still nothing. My explorations to the Galactic West reveal two new systems, but there’s nobody home. Just some big, fat planets waiting for some big, fat corporations to exploit. Yay, progress!


This is the far end of the Galactic Eastern edge of the map. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing out here. I’m going to ignore it from this point forward. Unless I have a massive lead in the game later, I’m not worried about empty space. My sense of wasting credits on outposts is overriding my OCD. Either that, or my Federation President alter-ego is wanting to save up for the next breakthrough in ‘Computer.’ I’m sure he has a lot of bad ideas of what that might entail.