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A Civilization V AAR – Part Seven-Freakin’-Teen

Brant Guillory, 1 August 2013

Look, I’m out of inspiration for taglines. Just read on already!

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What happened last time? If you don’t remember – click here and go remind yourself. Back? OK, hang on. I’m still reading the other page. Just a second… be patient already! I’m trying to remember how witty and insightful I was last time. I don’t want to backslide and fail to uphold the standards of excellence that I’ve already estab… ah well. Read on mon freres!


Policy Time.
Yep, let’s launch another Golden Age. Why the heck not?


A Civilization V AAR – Part Brant’s Old Jersey Number

Brant Guillory, 11 July 2013

Seriously. I wore #16 for about 28 of the 35 years I’ve been playing soccer. It’s totally a superstition thing at this point.

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Last episode, we turned our first spy loose on the world, and started really bringing some city-states into our orbit. This time? Read on…


Going Nowhere Fast.
Our galley can’t cross open ocean just yet, so we’re going to have to bring him home to upgrade him. We’re working on researching our way toward navigation, but aren’t there yet. Still, it’s going to take this guy a while to get there, so we’ll start home now.

Normally, you can just disband a unit that’s so far from home rather than go through the travel time (and maintenance cost) to bring him back. But this guy’s been upgraded twice, and I don’t want to lose those upgrades and would rather keep them with the upgraded unit.

Civilization V: The Guide to Mods

Chris Mohon, 23 June 2013

Your Guide to Civ V Modding Madness!

I am a gamer.

Like so many of you, I started gaming at an early age, pushing cardboard pieces around on colorful maps, shooing the family cat away, and rejoicing when the alien technology plucked out of the Roswell UFO crash resulted in a brand spanking new Commodore computer on my desk. Because really, of all the wonders that a computer can bring into your life, what’s better than computer gaming? Ummmm…..well, keeping in mind that this IS a family website, anyway…..

Without a doubt, no game has stolen more hours of my life away than Sid Meier’s Civilization series. I’ve logged in over 500 hours on Civ V alone, and I’ve played every previous version at least as much. Back in the days when a new top-of-the-line computer was obsolete within a year, two at most, occasionally  a game came along which drove otherwise rational gamers to upgrade their computers so they could play the darn game. Civilization II-III and Panzer General 2 were responsible for many pitiful explanations (by that I mean begging) to my wife as to exactly why I needed a new graphics card and more memory or the Holy Grail, a new machine!

Clearly, I’m not the only Civ junkie. Every new Civ is an automatic best-seller, but the most telling thing about the game is perhaps the devotion of the fans who create mods, civilizations, maps, units and scenarios for the various Civs. As thrilling as Civ has always been to me, the opportunity to add units and maps of my own preference to Civ is the icing on the cake. Dreadnaughts, air ships, helicopters, nuclear carriers and subs, panzers, giant Mechs, Celtic kings, and Southern Generals, huge maps of the real world and detailed maps of fantasy kingdoms, most of these things have found their way into proper Civ games at one time or another, with many being initially created by fans to be inserted into a very moddable Civ universe.

A Civilization V AAR – Part Ten-and-Five


Brant Guillory, 30 May 2013

Do the math. Seriously. We’re at 1180 AD, and we’re 15 freakin’ episodes into this AAR. Most game run ’til at least the mid-1800s, even on “quick” speed. And the turn/year ratio gets more granular as we go. Oy.

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More Canadians.

Barbarians in the snow at the far north edge of the map: Canadians!

A Civilization V AAR – Part XIV


Brant Guillory, 9 May 2013

Hey look, if you’re still reading at part 14, you probably don’t need much of an introduction.

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Last episode, we got screwed with by the Incans, spread a little Catharism around the world, and planted a new city. Here we go…


Aaannnddd. Barbarians. Again.
I promise I’m not recycling screenshots. Look- the terrain is different!