A Distant Worlds AAR – Part 9

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Back to space, and Distant Worlds

By Brandon “Kushan” Johnson, 11 June 2015

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DW Part 09 - 01

DW Part 09 - 02

Time to take back what’s mine from the Yirphunea. No real surprises in my plan, 1st fleet with 6th fleets transports will move to attack Faltir, while 2nd strike group and 3rd fleet will be set defend the Furmus and Dhayu systems from any counter attacks.

DW Part 09 - 03

DW Part 09 - 04

It looks like I timed my war with the Yirphunea perfectly. They are also at war with the Adare to our south. If they take any territory from the Adare I might be able to snatch them away from the Yirphunea. I’d really like to be able to take the Dila and Wekkaru systems the Adare currently have.

DW Part 09 - 05

DW Part 09 - 06

DW Part 09 - 07

I’m holding off on declaring war until 1st fleet is close to its target. The scout ship I have in their home system lets me watch as the Adare make a run at the Yirphunea homeworld.

When the battle is over, one of the space weapons platforms is destroyed, and the spaceport is heavily damaged.

DW Part 09 - 08

DW Part 09 - 09

My ships arrive in Faltir to find a space weapons platform and an almost completed spaceport. 1st Fleet gets a little mangled in the assault but it takes out the weapons platform and the spaceport before it can add its own fire to the defense of the planet. 6th fleet moves in and takes the planet.

Assault on the system cost me one frigate with damage to a few other ships.

DW Part 09 - 10

I’ve sent 3rd fleet to relieve 1st fleet in Faltir, while 1st fleet heads to the yards for repairs and refueling. 6th fleet is also ordered home for refueling.

DW Part 09 - 11

The AI is pestering me with raiders in Anseum and against the resort base in BY850. The Anseum spaceport can hold off its raiders, so I move 2nd strike force in to defend the resort base. After it’s mopped them up, it’s going to head to Dila and try and secure it before I move 6th fleet in to take the planet.

DW Part 09 - 12

DW Part 09 - 13

Before I can take Dila, the Adare retake it from the Yirphunea. With no other possible targets to take from the Yirphunea I as for and get a peace treaty.

DW Part 09 - 14

DW Part 09 - 15

DW Part 09 - 16

I should have waited on ending the war. Looks like the Adare made another run at the Yirphunea homeworld and decimated most of the defense stations.

I’m really considering a war against the Adare. I’m tasking most of my exploration ships to scout the Adare. The rest I send to scout the Gulrath.

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