Origins 2018 – Gameplay Gallery I

CentCom2018 SPLASH gameplay
frontier wars 728x90 KS

The game’s the thing… ~

GrogHeads Newsdesk, 21 June 2018

There was a wide variety of gaming going on all over Origins, and we’ve already focused on our wargaming corner of the world in an earlier article.  What we’ve got here are a couple of galleries of different games on tables, with much more from the gaming halls to come soon.

First up, author & game designer Larry Bond leading a naval minis wargame over Main Gaming Hall A.

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And there was sooooo much more

There were also terrain-building workshops to help players prep their own tables for future adventures.

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And there were games on tables everywhere.  We saw Bolt Action, Kings of War, several new “legacy” games from Lynnvander, classics like Carcassonne and Merchant of Venus and Twilight Struggle, updates to classics like Ticket To Ride: France, and plenty of things we’d never heard of, like Dead Man’s Dubloons and Railroad Revolutiuon.  If you couldn’t find something to play, you weren’t really trying.

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photos by Corinne Mahaffey

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