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The wee wonder of warmongering waxes whimsically ~

Lloyd Sabin, 18 December 2017

Well my Polish campaign in Medieval 2: Total War (with the Stainless Steel mod) looks to be wrapping up in a way I didn’t really want…Hungary, Novgorod and now Venice have all found savory bits to lop off my increasingly small empire and I fear I may be knocked out of the campaign soon. Witness some of the below shots.

Initially I cheered at this news as the Holy Roman Empire was a victory objective for me to defeat but then I quickly realized that the powers that dismantled it were in the process of taking my Polish empire down too.

Scenes like this were getting increasingly more common as Russian, Hungarian and Venetian troops repeatedly laid siege and stormed key cities of mine.

The campaign AI in Stainless Steel is also more competent at ambushing vulnerable forces of mine. This is also growing more common in my campaign.

City sieges are also growing more common, with 2, 3, or 4 to fight through in some turns.

Things appear to be getting worse all over Europe. The 14th century was not a cheery one.

So, now getting depressed about my collapsing Polish empire, I turned to Pike and Shot: Campaigns to get my mind off of it. There are dozens of skirmishes, battle scenarios and player made campaigns to choose from. Without doing too much background research I chose to play a Battle of Mohacs (1526) scenario as the Hungarians defensively against the Ottoman onslaught.

Sure, why not?

The troop variety in Pike & Shot Campaigns continues to impress. Here I have arquebusiers, landsknechts, and tercio-type units to hold the Turks back.

However, there are MANY Turkish cavalry units at Mohacs, and I have a limited number of armored tercios and the like to face them. This is my first battle after trying out and winning all the tutorials and getting my confidence up, but it may be a rough road to winning. Mohacs may have been too advanced at this early point.

Ugh…make that VERY MANY Turkish cavalry units. They’re fragile, but fast and wily. If my heavily armored infantry can catch them, then I can win this. The Turkish infantry is of much lower quality. But it will take a lot of maneuvering in to position to that. Wish me luck!

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