Consulate Crisis! Part 5 – A Command: Modern Air Naval Operations and Combat Mission Shock Force AAR

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The Marines make landfall and as promised, it is with a bang. Timed to coincide with the first wave hitting the beach, a host of Maverick AGM armed Hornets and Harriers are unleashed against Regime forces. In just one minute, the city is continuously rocked by consecutive explosions as Maverick missiles and JDAMs connect with targets throughout the city.


By: IICptMillerII,

The Marines of the first wave pour out of their AAVs and onto the beach. Luckily they take no direct fire, and the engineers are quick to begin their work of screening the beach for obstacles and making sure there is sufficient access to the MSRs leading off the beach. Things proceed smoothly for the most part. One of the AAVs throws a track as it tries to return to the ocean. This is a headache and a nuisance, but not a game changer. Worst case scenario, the vehicle will have to be abandoned and destroyed in place.


A quick firefight ends as quickly as it began when two Regime MP’s poke their heads around the corner at the intersection of MSR Wiley and Market. The MP’s quickly lose their heads for their curiosity. Besides that, the beach is quiet. No obstacles are found by the engineers, and both breach points are found to be clear, as well. The way is open for the Marines to advance into the city itself.

Loading A Company into the AAV’s took a little longer than expected, but the company is finally ready to go and steps off into the water. Unfortunately, another AAV becomes immobilized as it steps off. I’m hoping that this does not become a consistent problem.


As the AAVs swim to shore, the Hornet that missed with its JDAM on the first pass of the enemy assembly area comes back around and drops another JDAM. This time, its on target and the Marines at breach point Elmer get a tooth rattling firework show.


After the dust settles from the blast, a few shell-shocked MP’s are seen running away through the rubble and are engaged by the Marines. Hopefully, this indicates that the possible enemy assembly area has been thoroughly neutralized.

With the MP’s killed or fleeing, the Marines of A Company begin moving down MSR Wiley. As this is occurring, movement is spotted near the US consulate by Marine security. A few moments later, a group of Regime MPs are observed advancing down a side street towards the consulate. The Marines open fire.


This is a dangerous situation. The consulate can hold its own against the current threat, but won’t last long against a large determined attack. A Company must make all possible speed to reach the consulate and reinforce it before it is overrun.


Captain Amato, A Company’s commander is informed of the attack on the consulate and the new urgency to get to the consulate. A few moments later as his Marines are moving down MSR Wiley, they take fire from an RPG followed by small arms fire, and a firefight breaks out halting forward movement.


The situation gets more tense when Marines from 2nd platoon take a fusillade of fire from a side street and suffer a casualty.


Regime MP’s fire at the Marines from intact buildings part of the Police Headquarters. The Marines take two more casualties, both wounded, before returning fire with small arms. Two LAW disposable anti-tank rockets are fired into the buildings, suppressing and hopefully destroying the MP position there.

The short, but sharp firefight ends moments later. The Regime MP’s hold up in the Police Headquarters break under the immense small arms return fire from the Marines and flee their fighting position.


With the enemy fleeing, the Marines move up. They establish initial positions along blocking position Bugs and screen the Police Headquarters before attempting to clear it. Sporadic sniper fire is still coming from inside the Police complex, which manages to wound another Marine. The snipers location is found and suppressive fire is poured into the position. More potshots are taken at the Marines, including another RPG round which slams into the wall just over the heads of an M240 team. Miraculously none of the Marines are wounded, or even hit. It all goes to show that even though the Regime MPs appear to be retreating, it is more orderly than not and they certainly have some fight left in them.


With the firefight decidedly one sided in favor of the Marines, and the enemy fleeing or dying, elements of 1st platoon begin the treacherous task of clearing out the Police Headquarters complex. Though initially tense, it is soon apparent that the only occupants of the headquarters are corpses. 1st platoon clears the rest of the complex without incident and blocking position Bugs is officially secured and established. Back at the beach, the AAVs carrying B Company are nearing the beach.

Stay tuned for Part 6!

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