GrogCast Season 4, Episode IIIIII

GrogCast Season 4, Episode IIIIII
The GrogCast

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frontier wars 728x90 KS


22 November 2016 ~

Professional Wargamer (no, really, he gets paid to play wargames!) and GrogHeads Central Command crew member James Sterrett swings in for a visit and discusses Star Wars Rebellion, asymmetric warfare, Castle Ravenloft – Darths & Droids comparisons, Civilization 5 expansion packs, Napoleonic games, and unnecessary international government travel.  There’s also no truth to the rumor that he was Patient Zero of the latest Grog Flu epidemic, although there was a hint of yellow fever (so what is that – ‘beige fever’?).  There’s not a ton of pure tank content in here, but if we’d been able to get it edited in time, it would’ve been released in September.


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The Avengers – Guardians of the Galaxy crossover mentioned in the podcast


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