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Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Entering Its 3rd Decade

When they talk about marathon games, this is what they had in mind…

In Part 29 Benvenuto left the field of battle over the Duchy of Apulia and province of Bari to his minions, in order to manage affairs of state at home. Once there he set about a plot to marry his son to Flandina, the beautiful heir of Apulia, imprisoned in the di Parma dungeons. It turned out that her brother, the Duke of Apulia refused to consent to the marriage. He was removed from power, di Parma style, now Flandina resides over the Apulia duchy and awaits our proposal. In this part, I honestly have no idea how to explain it

CKII - Pic 290

Turns out Flandina thinks she’s too posh for the di Parmas too – it’s a no from her

CKII - Pic 291

Having chosen the dress, the flowers, the horses and the fancy honeymoon Benvenuto broke off the previously arranged marriage to the di Luccas having seen Flandina’s perfect CV. Now he goes back cap in hand to get a wife for his son.

Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Holy Crap, we’re up to #29!

We’ve been running this AAR for 2 years. Yep, you read that right.

In part 28, Benvenuto finally rid himself of the last of his troublesome siblings, their wives and their children. He was the one true leader of Salerno, Genoa and Parma. In this part small wars, big wars na dlove at first sight.

The Croatians are coming! The Croatians are coming!


Four thousand six hundred men of Salerno stop the Croatian march dead in its tracks. They retire to Foggia to check castles and stuff.

Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part Four Touchdowns

di Parma is going for di Record of di longest AAR on di web

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In Part 27 one evil brother was executed, leaving a young nephew in charge of Genoa, this nephew was imprisoned for treason and a plot is afoot to dispatch him. The other evil brother is already rotting in prison, his fate undecided. With all rebellions quelled, Benvenuto turns his attention to the family rival, Matilda in a plan to take her lands and destroy her line. In this part plots, sub plots, and the two ways of expansion



Eleven hundred of Salerno’s finest gather just outside Matilda’s lands before launching the assault

Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part XXVII

The Prosciutto still hasn’t spoiled, as part 27 drops on your lap.

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In Part 26 Benvenuto’s brothers laid claim to his County and Ducal titles and split the di Parma family with a civil war. Robbed of a proper army by jealous, back stabbing vassals Benvenuto had to negotiate with the brothers as opposed to bringing about their destruction, fortunately part of the settlement involved the imprisonment of both brothers. Salerno’s prison held four schemers. In this part, what to do with the schemers, and revenge on an old foe.



Locked in a dungeon it would be hard for Buonconte to escape any plot to kill him. Benvenuto concocts a plan and contacts his supporters

Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… Part Six-and-Twenty

The di Parmas roll on as Oberto’s death rattles the family.  And now…?

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In Part 25 Duke Oberto died in an accident at the Emperor’s Grand Tournament, his son Benvenuto became head of the family but the di Parma lands were split amongst two other brothers. In Part 26 Benvenuto must appease the brothers or seek other diplomatic means to bring them to heel, calm the uneasiness in his vassals and bring stability to the region.




Benvenuto’s first action is to try and imprison Count Chiaffredo of Taranto. He is heading a faction to try and install a bishop within his land as Count of Salerno, and thats Benvenuto’s title. Its a risky move, if it fails and Chiaffredo rebels there will be a war fought Benvenuto can ill afford. In the end it pays off and the traitorous git is thrown into the dungeon




Here we go, the first brother, Buonconte challenges Benvenuto and starts a family civil war.