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Last Call for Readers’ Choice Award Nominations

Command Air Naval Ops GH Award LogoHey everyone – now that 2015 is almost wrapped up, we need to remind you to get your nominations in for our Readers’ Choice Awards.

Note that many of our forumites will offer suggestions for categories, but we will re-sort them as needed based on the nominations, when the time comes.

The only rule is that the game (or expansion, as appropriate) must have been released in the 2015 calendar year.

Look for voting to open up in early January, and run until the end of the month.

2014 Readers Choice Awards WINNERS

Who took home the coveted Readers Choice titles for games released in 2014?  Charge on and see!


Unconditional Surrender (Tabletop Strategy / Historical Game)
Dead of Winter (Tabletop Sci-Fi / Fantasy Game of the Year)
EH – Mountains of Madness (Tabletop Expansion of the Year)
Thunder Alley (Tabletop Euro / Casual Game of the Year)
Imperial Settlers (Tabletop 4X Game of the Year)
The Hunters (2d printing) (Tabletop Reprint / Reissue of the Year)
Unconditional Surrender (Tabletop Game of the Year)
East Prussia ’14 (Digital Strategy / Historical Game of the Year)
Distant Worlds: Universe (Digital Sci-Fi / Fantasy Game of the Year)
EUIV – Art of War (Digital Expansion / DLC of the Year)
Dragon Age: Inquisition (Digital RPG / Action Game of the Year)
East Prussia ’14 (Digital Game of the Year)

Our Readers’ Choice Awards process isn’t hard to figure out – it’s all up to you!  All year long we take your nominations in the forum threads we keep open for the whole year, and any game that’s nominated (and that was released within that calendar year) gets included.  Our editorial team helps group some of the categories together, but if you nominated it, it’s here somewhere – we only edit out the games that don’t qualify based on their release dates.

This year, we saw some excellent games nominated, and some excellent games not nominated (looking at you, Divinity!), but overall, the readership seems to have conferred the coveted “Readers Choice” titles on some outstanding games

Our bread-and-butter, the Tabletop Strategy / Historical Game, didn’t see a ton of nominations.  But to be fair it was a down year overall for tabletop wargame releases.  GMT’s Unconditional Surrender handily won with 40% of the vote. For the second year in a row, a COIN system game finished second, as Fire in the Lake had a strong showing.  Third and fourth place were both DVG games, with Fleet Commander Nimitz claiming the final spot in this category.

The Tabletop Sci-Fi / Fantasy Game of the Year voting would have been a runaway in any other year, with Dead of Winter taking over half the vote.  Xia: Legends of a Drift System finished second, and Run, Fight or Die tied with Mars Attacks for third.

Last Day For Readers Choice Awards Voting

It’s your last chance to go vote in our Readers Choice Awards!

2015 GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting

ed note: After the shutdown of Twiigs.com, our polls disappeared, so you’ll see a lot of headers, but no polls, on older Readers Choice posts.  We’re using someone new now, so perhaps the older polls will still be visible.

All year long we asked for your input and your nominations for the best in gaming throughout 2014.  These polls are your polls, and let our readers vote on their own nominations.  Think we missed something?  Well, we’re already looking for nominations for 2015’s best in strategy gaming.

Polls are open now, and close on 28 January, so you’ve got 2-1/2 weeks to make your voice heard.  If you nominated ’em, we’ve got ’em in a poll somewhere.  All we did was weed out the non-2014 releases and then sort them into categories.

Tabletop Games

Historical / Strategy Game

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Game

GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Awards – WINNERS!

Wrapping up the last of our 2013 year-end coverage, we have the results of our annual Readers’ Choice Awards voting.

Our Readers’ Choice Awards are a pretty simple concept – it’s all up to you!  We take nominations all year long in our forum threads, and any game that’s nominated that was released within that calendar year gets included.  Our editorial team helps group some of the categories together, but if you nominated it, it’s here somewhere.

We divide our categories into tabletop and digital games, with miniatures normally included with the tabletop games.  This year, however, we had no nominations for any miniatures games or products.  Within each of the digital / tabletop branches, we break out some separate categories, but we always include an “overall” category for each, pitting every nomination against each other.


Without further ado, here are your winners of the GrogHeads 2013 Readers Choice Awards:


Our winners in each category are awarded the GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Award Gold Medal


The tabletop world saw nominations into several categories, include Wargames, Strategy Games, Magazine games and scenarios, Expansions, Reprints, and the ever-coveted Overall category.

Consim Press’ The Hunters hammered the competition for the Tabletop Wargame of the Year, with only A Distant Plain, even garnering double digits as A Distant Second.  The Ogre Designer Edition brought up the third place tail.

Competition in the Tabletop Strategy Game of the Year was a little more heated, with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game narrowly edging out the much-anticipated Firefly Board Game to take the title.  Eldritch Horror nailed down third place.