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GARPA 39 – GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory

Our running late on a busy Friday brings you this week’s GARPA!

Board Games

SUPREMACY 2020 – Superpower Game of Nuclear Brinksmanship (Command Post Games)
$17,700 of $15000, ends 15 March 2014

An old classic reimagined for a new superpower age, Supremacy returns as the 2020 version with its ever-tense mixture of resources, nukes, conventional armies, technology, and back-stabbing fun.  Make no mistake, this is a high-strategic-level game that won’t have you pushing battalions and brigades around.  You track your missiles, and missile interceptors, along with navies and resources and nary a grunt in sight.  Stretch goals have already added international terrorists to the mix, and bring you a set of pieces to add Brazil as one of your superpowers.  Check it out and get your pledges in.



G39-carcThe Adults of Carcassonne (Carcassonne Shop)
$7200 of $7000 goal, ends 9 March 2014

Ever been in the middle of a board game and thought “Man, I could use a drink!” ?  How about a game that answers “Sure!”  Tje Adults of Carcassonne is an unofficial expansion (though they are official “accessories”) that swaps meeples for shot glasses, and game tiles for mug coasters.  Yep, this is the pub-friendly Carcassonne for the drinking gamer.  Go ogle the fun at their Kickstater page, and get your gamedrink on.