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Star Citizen – Videos!

Space adventure on your PC ~

Craig Handler, 20 January 2016

Check out some outer space adventuring with voiceovers from Jarhead over at GrogHeads.

Star Citizen v 2.1, along with some commentary and background of the game.

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Tuesday Screenshot – Battle of Empires 1914-1918

The Original World War

Craig Handler, 3 March 2015

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Tuesday Screenshot – Battle of Empires 1914-1918

The Great War writ large

Craig Handler, 24 February 2015

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Tuesday Screenshot – Korea!

The Tuesday Screenshot visits Korea, and the Theater of War 3 engine.

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Image: Jarhead

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Developer Interview with Muzzy Lane Software

Craig Handler has a chat with the Muzzy Lane crew about their upcoming release in the Making History series, The Great War.


muzzyLANEWe recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Parsons, the Product Manager at Muzzy Lane Software, to talk about their upcoming grand strategy game, Making History: The Great War.  As Muzzy Lane’s first departure from the battlefields of the Second Word War, this new title in the Making History series spans from 1910 through 1922, and will focus on the horrific trench warfare of World War I.  Making History: The Great War promises to permit players to experiment with revolutionary new armaments, technologies and strategies in an effort to rewrite history by leading one of the great powers during one of the most turbulent and pivotal times in modern world history.

With Making History: The Great War, Muzzy Lane hopes to appeal to serious historians and hardcore gamers, alike, by combining historical authenticity with a design system geared towards fostering education through strategic gaming.


GH: Thanks for agreeing to sit down with us to talk about Making History: The Great War. As you can see from our forums, there is a lot of excitement in the air over this upcoming early access release. Our readers, who consist of old fans of the Making History series, as well as new comers, are interested in learning about Muzzy Lane, the Making History series and importantly, Making History: The Great War.

Muzzy Lane games seem to be more focused toward education and the classroom, rather than the traditional commercial gaming market. What are the backgrounds of the individuals behind Muzzy Lane and is there professional experience as educators, teachers, professors, etc.?  If so, does any of this professional experience focus on either of the World Wars?

ML: At its core, Muzzy Lane is a technology company that focuses on game-based learning.  In addition to education, we also make games for business training and for healthcare, and of course, for strategy gamers!  Our underlying technology allows us to customize the learning for specific subjects and curriculums, and share the actions taken in the game with everyone involved.  This same engine drives our Making History games as well.  The founders include educators and engineers, and from the start we’ve always worked with subject matter experts.  For example, we worked closely with economic historian Niall Ferguson on Making History II, and the name of that game: “The War of the World” is taken from his book of the same name.