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Classic Reviews: Runebound 2nd Ed

Runebound might be the best adventure you can fit into one evening.  Players have the latitude to customize their characters and pursue their paths to victory, using a variety of strategies.  Build your own hero and save the realm, in one afternoon. ~

Brant Guillory, 9 December 2015

  • Pros:  Well-balanced, nifty movement mechanics, gorgeous.
  • Cons:  Little interaction between players, needs a lot of table space.

Some gamers love the intricate role-playing game full of soliloquies, conspiracy theories, and more character development than a British melodrama.  Others would rather dispense with the backstory, role-play an archetypal character, and kick butt.  In the early days of computer games, most fantasy ‘role-playing’ was the former, not the latter.  Runebound strikes me as one of these computer games, transported to a board game environment.

And don’t think that’s a negative in any way.  Some of the most fun I had in my teenage years was in front of Pool of Radiance and the Wizardry series.  These games were fantasy adventures, but not necessarily fantasy role-playing.  Runebound understands the difference.