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frontier wars 728x90 KS

This week’s GARPA?  A few nifty KickStarter projects, and the pre-order of a reprint that’s kicking butt.


Ares Magazine (One Small Step)
$18,200 of $25,000, Ends 3 February 2014

Remember Ares Magazine?  The guys over at One Small Step sure do, and they’re bringing it back.  They’ve got a KickStarter project to, well, kickstart the printing and distributing of the new magazine.  They promise to include a game in each issue, and the first issue is a War of the Worlds-inspired alien invasion of London.  You can also pick up the fiction-only version of the magazine, if you’re interested in saving a few bucks and skipping the game.  But hurry – time’s running out on the campaign, and they need some help to get over the final hump!  Head over to KickStarter and get your pledge in now >>


Board Games

G37-HunterThe Hunters – 2d Printing (Consim Press and GMT)
278 Orders on p500 – Not there yet

This well-honored game from Consim Press – it ran away with two categories in our Readers Choice Awards – sold out the first printing rather quickly, and demand for a second printing has been building.  Take command of a U-boat and patrol your way to glory through the dangerous waters of WWII.  It’s a solitaire game, so you always have an opponent, and take its inspiration from the venerable B17 Queen of the Skies game for the feel of the game the designers were after.  It’s on p500, and with a successful print run already under its belt, it’s unlikely to need 500 orders to make the cut, but it cold still use some nudging from y’all to move it along, so hit the p500 page and make your pledge today >>


Tiny Epic Kingdoms (Gamelyn Games)
$160,400 of $15,000, ends 8 February 2014

G37-TEKEvery now and then you see a game or product just balloon in popularity – think back to the great Reaper Minis campaign of 2012 – and it seems that the pledges are rolling in faster than the team can put together their stretch goals.  What’s even better is when it’s for an excellent game.  What’s even better is an excellent, big-adventure-in-a-small-footprint 4x game!  Tiny Epic Kingdoms packs a big-ass game in a not-particularly-big box, and the stretch goals have gotten to the point where they’ve gone from 4 playable races to over 10, and are close to adding the pieces to include a 5th player in the game, as well.  You have to go see their page to truly believe how much game you’re getting for only $16!  Wait. That can’t be right.  $16?  $16?!?!  Are these guys nuts?!  You can’t go out to dinner for $16 anymore and they’re selling a game this loaded for $16?!  Run!  Run now, o gamers!  Pledge thy dollars to this fantastic deal at their Kickstarter page >>



Dungeon Crawl Classic-compatible dice (Impact! Miniatures)
$19,400 of $15,000, ends 13 February 2014

G37-DiceNo, you don’t have enough dice.  Seriously – what are you thinking?  You can never have enough dice.  And I’ll bet you’re highly unlikely to have a d9 or a d11, even if you do happen to have a d5 or a d30.  The guys at Impact! Miniatures have some wacky and off-the-wall dice combos for you to check out, and the combos include a variety of price points that let you pick and choose just the cool dice, and skip the oh-my-gawd-I’ve-got-plenty d6s if you’re not a dice-set completist.  Check out their Kickstarter page for the colors and decorative options, and peruse that add-ons for some dice with all sorts of different adventurous faces on them.


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