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Grogheads Reviews! Order of Battle: Red Steel

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Order of Battle: Red Steel is Slitherine’s second DLC in the trilogy of campaigns fought from the perspective of the Soviet Union. The campaign continues right after the end of the Red Star DLC, and players can import their veteran core army saved in Red Star and play them in the new DLC with all previously unlocked commanders and specializations.  Join Avery Abernethy and a resurgent Soviet Army as they put the German war machine and Slitherine’s latest DLC title  to the test.

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By: Avery Abernethy,

Space Beast Terror Fright, oh my!


A little background…I was there when the FPS was invented [que the angels singing], Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, in the beginning I played them all.  Sure, time has marched on, reflexes have dimmed, no more snatching the pebble out of the master’s hand.  However, Two hours of play time with Space Beast Terror Fright (“SBTF”), or as I like to call it, “how I can die a dozen times in a half hour simulator”, and an impression has definitely been left on me with a giant kick to my ass!



Order of Battle – Red Star


Red Star is the twelfth scenario package for Order of Battle World War 2 and the first commanding Russian forces.  This review is based on four completed Lieutenant level difficulty games played during the first three weeks of release.  Red Star was purchased for $14.99 and played on a two-year-old Falcon Northwest Talon.

Avery Abernethy,


Grogheads Is Loving Field of Glory: Empires!


If you’ve been reading the Groghead’s front page for the last week or so you have seen the couple of teaser articles we published in anticipation of the Field of Glory: Empires (FogE) launch on July 11. It has been a while since a PC strategy game has generated the kind of excitement that we have seen in our forums.  So, we’re going to continue with our coverage here to hold you over until our detailed review is ready – the only difference being that you all can now play the game along with us. We even have a massive MP game set to kick-off on July 18 between 16 different GH forum members!

Lloyd Sabin,


Its launched!

GrogHeads Reviews Mansions of Madness 2


The second part of our Weekend of Madness ~

Avery Abernethy, 5 August 2018

I’ve played Mansions of Madness 2 (MM2) with a group of five random people at a MACE gaming convention and solo at home.  MM2 provides a unique board game experience.  At $90 retail at Amazon, it is also the most expensive board game I’ve ever purchased.

In MM2 you are playing a character with a set of skills.  Each player (up to 8) has an investigator avatar.  If you play solo, the manual suggests picking two investigators to run.  My solo game used only the core MM2 set playing “Cycle of Eternity.”  My convention game with random strangers had five characters and used an expansion.

MM2  provided one of the best solo board game experiences I’ve had.

Players cooperatively attempt to solve the mystery.  The investigator’s goal is unknown at the start of the game.  You begin with limited information in a single room with closed doors and potential clues.  Game setup requires starting the computer app, selecting the scenario, and indicating to the app which investigators are playing. After this information is inputted, the app displays the initial room setup and provides starting information.

The core Mansions of Madness 2 game comes with four scenarios of varying difficulty.  MM2  provided one of the best solo board game experiences I’ve had.  The app provided background sounds.  I had no idea what would happen when I opened a closed door or made a game choice.  Because the app ran the mystery, monsters, puzzles and other aspects of the game, it was a very immersive experience.