Prosciutto – Hamming it up with the di Parmas… 31!

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Yep, we now have as many episodes as Baskin-Robbins serves flavors

In Part 30 Benvenuto accidentally started a war with the Emir Of Galicia, won and lost the Succession War of Bari by fighting it for an ally and having to hand over the realm to him, chose the second best wife in Southern Europe for his son and heir, and at long last felt ready to carry out his father’s legacy and invade Sicily and claim the crown. In this part, a long war, Templars and the Emir of Galicia rides again.


CKII-Pic300The campaign for Sicily starts unremarkably, it is barely defended by the Muslims. To the east the army of Apulia walks off in a huff………


CKII-Pic301……and stops in Cosenza to start a war with Benvenuto. Busy in the south Benvenuto calls the mustachioed heroes of Bulgaria. ‘I’m sorry, the army you are calling is busy right now, Nikola and his band are pillaging Damascus, please leave a message after the tone and we’ll get right back to you’. Benvenuto calls his cousin in Lithuania and they promptly arrive, less moustaches, more furry boots.

CKII-Pic302And then the crazy Emir of Galicia turns up again. Seems he wants Salerno for himself, fortunately it upsets the Emperor and sends men to sort out the matter


CKII-Pic303Salerno itself falls quickly to the 9000 of Galicia, in the north 12000 men of the Emperor march south to put it straight


CKII-Pic304Some snotty Countess is trying to convince Genoans she is the rightful owner. Some dark suited, fedora wearing men of Salerno are sent north to make her Chancellor an offer he cant refuse


CKII-Pic305He is dispatched di Parma style. In the background Salerno is still in Galaician hands and Sicily is falling to Benvenuto.


CKII-Pic306Galicia is almost defeated, but a quiet whisper in Benvenuto’s ear by his war council suggests that after their defeat and the fall of Sicily there will not be enough territory in Salerno hands to convince the Emir to cede our gains. We may have to sail to Spain to finish this war


CKII-Pic307Benvenuto’s daughter comes of age, she is married off to the King of England no less. In the background the Emperor sweeps the final Galicians from the ‘boot’


CKII-Pic308An overview – Benvenuto’s homeland in the North is restored to Salerno hands, Sicily is all but taken from the Muslims, and to the west, sailing east to Malta come the Templarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!


CKII-Pic309Unaccustomed to a shore landing and an attack from the sea Benvenuto sends in the Lithuanians first. 2000 men leave for glory, 1000 return in shame – less moustaches, more soggy boots. With a dismissive wave of the hand and a ‘You made me do this’ look on his face, he sends in the merciless, undefeated Knights Templar.


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