A Civilization V AAR – Part Six

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Brant Guillory, 28 January, 2013

The Adventures of Didoians roll on. And no, Starfury, you didn’t read that right. We all know what you were thinking.

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Last episode we launched our first boat, got our workers a-working, and finished our first wonder.



Time to Plant the Wheat Patch.

Plus, being along the river is going to give that tile a production boost later, too.


Someone Found Religion.

The first religion of the game gets founded. Although the label on it is “Christianity” the players get to choose whatever specific beliefs they want to lump under the name. There’s no real historical/realistic tie-in between the name of the religion and what the followers believe.



Horsing Around.

Discovering Animal Husbandry revealed horses as a resource on the map… and they’re already in Utique’s city limits – score! Also, if you look in the lower right of the screen, you’ll see that someone else built the Pyramids, which is OK, because…


I’ve got the Great Lighthouse, bee-yotches!

Now I’ve got Quinqueremes that fight better than your average trireme, plus they’re now faster and see further, too. Time for Carthage to get out of the Wonder-building business and get around to constructing city-specific buildings.



Reload the Production Queue.

I still need to get a granary built first – I don’t have a lot of food resources around Carthage because of all the quarries and mines – so I need to conserve what I do have and keep some extra food on hand as we expand. After that, I need another settler (and a unit to guard him), and then we’ll get another boat in the water.



Another City State.

My automated exploring quinquereme has run into Zurich, which (fortunately) appears to not be located high in the Swiss Alps. A commerical city-state, Zurich will be handy to get friendly with later for access to their porcelain.



Maneuvering to Clear Out the Barbarians.

I’ve got a spearman in there to be the tank, and an archer who’ll coming around the mountains when he comes. The combination of archin’ the brute, plus a heavy whack from a spearman, can usually do it to the brutes. And hey – we found some other ruins, too!



Time for Another Policy.

The culture is starting to come along a bit quicker now. This time, I’m going to focus on Representation, for two reasons: the Golden Age will really boost production and gold for a bit, and I want to get the future “discount” on more social policies in place before I found any more cities.

Also, if you look in the top bar of the screen, you’ll see a gold diamond that’s tracking my progress towards a Golden Age. I’m getting pretty close to my first one. If I trigger a Golden Age with a policy development, then the progress towards the next one goes into suspended animation. When I come out of this one, I’ll be very close to earning the next one and can run a bunch of Golden Age turns back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back, which should do wonders for my treasury, as well as my production.



Barbarians, Mr Rico! I’m Burning Them Down!

The archer/spearman combo got one brute, but there’s another coming in from behind. They’re everywhere!



Take That You Brute!

I’ll clean out this camp to keep more barbarians from spawning, then get off to help the archer.



Teach a Man To Fish…

… and he’ll sit in a boat all day and drink beer. Nevertheless, fishing boats do provide some good food for cities with them in their footprint.



Get Outta Here!

Idiot Scout Dude has caused enough local trouble. Time to inflict him on someone else for a while. After the discovery of Optics, you can embark land units over the sea, but if the unit was built before the discovery of optics, you have to end a turn in your own territory for them to gain their embarkation ability. I guess they’re getting their optics retrofitted or something.




Off to Sea To See What We Can See.

Idiot Scout Dude is going to head over to the big island with Zurich. There’s at least 2 ruins over there to check out, and a barbarian encampment to poke around and (try) to avoid.




Our Heroes of the Southern Flank™ are trying to clean up the local barbarians. We need to clear out the encampment to stop spawning before checking out that ruin, and hoping that the little spit of land right there doesn’t lead to a larger part of the continent with some other civ on it that’s going to come steal my ruins.



How To Stop Spawning In One Simple Step.

Occupy the spaces into which they can spawn! Move the archer in closer, and take up any hexes adjacent to the encampment. Now there’s nowhere for them to spawn, and we can pile on this guy.



Close-Range Fire Support.

The screenshot didn’t catch the animation, sorry. Otherwise you’d’ve seen that archer totally rake the living bajeebus out of that encampment. There’s a reason that the defending brute’s health bar is almost gone.



Wagon Train, ho!

Carthage has a new settler built, and we’re going to park a new city down between those two hexes with the cattle. It’ll take us 4 turns to get there, and then we’ll plant a new flag. If you look in the bottom right corner, peeking out from behind the wide-area map, you can see that the barbarian camp is now gone, so launching this settler withouth an escort shouldn’t be an issue. Normally, if you’re headed into Injun Territory, you bring along some backup.



Testing the Limits of Our Idiocy.

Idiot Scout Dude makes landfall and I’m immediately expecting him to impale himself on that encampment. Let’s see how long he can survive, eh?



It’s a Trap!

OK, not exactly, but now that we’ve got Trapping, we can start building some camps to reel in some game, especially around Carthage, where deer are plentiful, and farmland is not.



C’mon Man, Geez!

Really? Really?! I just finished clearing out that last camp and there’s another one right here already?


Next we finish exploring the continent we’re on, and start finding some other places to noodle around. Oh, and Idiot Scout Dude keeps defying the odds and Chiziking his way through life.


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