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GrogCast Season 2, Episode 13

GrogCast Season 2, Episode 13

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15 December 2015 ~

Season 2 of the GrogCast gets close to the end, as both our radio broadcast (Friday nights, 9pm Eastern, Shortwave radio 5110 WBCQ), and downloadable version on Tuesdays wind toward a conclusion for the holidays.  GrogCast sponsor Lock’n’Load Publishing brings us professional wargamer (yes, he gets paid for it) James Sterrett – overseer of the GrogHeads Command Post Wargaming events at Origins, and taskmaster of the FA57 program (Google it!).


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TANKSgiving Scenarios!


Want to game with some TANKS this year for TANKSgiving?

GrogHeads, 24 November 2015


How about a little tank-heavy assist to get you gaming over TANKSgiving?

tanks-scens-1Lets get started with a pair of scenarios from the guys at Lock’n’Load for their Tank on Tank games.


tanks-scens-2How about a tank shootout for the old BayonetGames Warfighter-series Movement to Contact?

(if you need the maps, they can be downloaded here and here)

And if you’re a pixel-pusher?  How about last summer’s GrogHeads Central Command Origins Scenario for Flashpoint Campaigns?  

  • This one includes the PowerPoint briefings, but you need to move the maps around yourself.  Download it here.


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GrogCast Season 2, Episode 5

GrogCast Season 2, Episode 5
The GrogCast

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06 October 2015 ~

The OTS dudes stop by and give us all things Flashpoint Campaigns, including C2, the OODA loop, and the ugliest maps you’ve ever hated.

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GrogHeads Interviews OTS on FlashPoint Campaigns


The guys from On Target Simulations swing by GrogHeads and chat with us about the latest developments in the FlashPoint Campaigns series.

Brant Guillory, 26 November 2014

What’s the biggest difference that players are going to see with the new FlashPoint Campaigns release?

Without a doubt it will be all the brand new maps.  We had a forum member named William who was doing a brilliant job creating new map art and so we just sort of recruited him and added him to the OTS team.  We went back and forth a few times on colours and elevation treatments and then he created new renderings of all the maps.  This seems to be the first thing people are noticing and the consensus is that they are a distinct step up.  Cap’n Darwin (creator of the original map art glyphs) and Mad Russian (who then assembled them into the maps we distributed) manned up admirably and got behind the change.  I still hear a bit of a quiver in the Captain’s voice when we Skype about it though…

Other changes include a number of tweaks and improvements to the combat model.  Artillery fire is more effective now and that is pretty noticeable.   The What’s New document runs to 12 pages with the various changes we made.

Best of all, we have a whole new campaign (Wolves) to play thanks to Mad Russian plus a new standalone “Eyes, Ears and Teeth” scenario which we believe will be a new classic.  It’s small, fun and intense like A Time to Dance.