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The First Four Steps: Designer’s Notes For The New Line Of OSS Folio Games

Brian Train, 22 April 2015

Game Theorist and Designer Brian Train joins us for a look inside the design of his new folio games with One Small Step games.

Ed Note:  We’ve already reviewed Shining Path here at GrogHeads.

At the beginning of 2015, One Small Step Games began to publish a series of new “folio games,” small format wargames on a variety of subjects at a reasonable price. At least eight will be released during this year: four by me, two Civil War titles by Richard Dengel (Lone Jack, Middle Creek) that use the Rebel Yell! tactical system, and two strategic World War Two games by Gary Graber (Battle of the Atlantic, Fall of Berlin).

The four titles by me are all modern-era, from 1956 Budapest to 2010 Afghanistan. Most of the game designs (I’ve published (30+ and counting) are post World War Two: for me, this is an area full of ungamed topics, grimy and nasty irregular wars which inform and shape the world we live in today. I was always interested in guerilla war/ irregular war/ low-intensity conflict, whatever it was being called at the time. I’ve been designing for about 25 years, and near the beginning of my career I was one of a very few people “ploughing in the COINfield”, as it were (I’m happy to say I have more company now).

GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #68

Wargames, skipper!  Off the starboard bow!

Trenton 1776 (Worthington Games)
$14,000 of $2500 goal, ends 21 April 2015

The Worthington Gang is back with another battle from the American War of Independence, and this time it’s Washington’s iconic river-crossing-to-surprise-the-drunk-Hessians-on-Christmas campaign.  And let’s face it, the Battle of Trenton was pretty much the high-water-mark for the historical “good things that have happened in New Jersey” list.  It’s part of a series that Worthington kicked off with New York 1776, and expect more to come.  So march on over to their Kickstarter campaign and fire off your pledge to snag one while they’re hot.



Grogheads Reviews Shining Path: The Struggle for Peru

Review by Vance Strickland, 21 March 2015

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: “Brian Train designs an asymmetric warfare game!”  Vance gives us the low-down on how it plays.

Shining Path is the common name of the Communist Party of Peru, one of several communist groups in the country. At the beginning of 1980, they began a guerrilla insurgency against what they saw as the corrupt bourgeois government. They are still fighting, to bring a Maoist “New Democracy” to the people of Peru, to this day.

Brian Train has been designing games since the early 1990’s and has covered a very wide array conflicts. These range from more mainstream conflicts like Summer Lightning: The Invasion of Poland 1939, from Lock ‘n Load Publishing, to asymmetric warfare like A Distant Plain, from GMT. Most of his designs focus on lesser known conflicts and rarely-gamed ones.

This game is a look at the struggle between Shining Path and the government for the hearts and minds of the people of Peru. In it you control either the Shining Path forces or the government in the form of army, police and politicians.

The version reviewed here is the new edition published by One Small Step, the first of their Folio Series games. It currently sells for $22.95 USD.

GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #62

We’re all over the map this week – RPGs, classic wargaming, digital games, and an Euro-style space 4x that’s taking off like a rocket —


Arms Race – The Cold War Era (Max Sprin)
C$366 of C$1200, ends 9 February 2015

Here’s a twist on a digital Kickstarter campaign – you’re pledging to help get the expansion done, and as a part of your pledge, you get the already-ready-to-play-already base game.  So for C$20 (aboot U$16.50) you get a copy of The Cold War Era game that’s ready to play now and you’re get the expansion as soon as they finish it with the Kickstarter money.  Not a bad way to get the expansion done and build your fan base while you’re at it!  Different pledge levels support those that already have the game, or just want to help it see the light of day.  This campaign is looking good, and can use your help to get it over the finish line.