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GrogHeads Holiday Buying Guide 2015


Do people claim you’re hard to shop for? Just point this to this list, and hope they get the hint! Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of games on the list, but first, some fun stuff ~




hbg-tankHey, we’re not that far removed from TANKSgiving, so why not an M1 tank? It’s 1:16 scale, can get up to 60 feet from your remote, and for some reason has actual headlights. Cruise the back yard, chase the dog, and assault the annoying neighbors.

And if the modern M1 isn’t your thing, you can go back to WWII and bust out a Jagdpanther, too.



Keep tabs on your tank with a drone sporting an onboard computer that lets you fly manually, or programmed and on autopilot. It can orbit, fly over, or hover, without you touching a remote.  Just don’t ask what it costs – remember, you’re not supposed to pay for it!

TANKSgiving Scenarios!


Want to game with some TANKS this year for TANKSgiving?

GrogHeads, 24 November 2015


How about a little tank-heavy assist to get you gaming over TANKSgiving?

tanks-scens-1Lets get started with a pair of scenarios from the guys at Lock’n’Load for their Tank on Tank games.


tanks-scens-2How about a tank shootout for the old BayonetGames Warfighter-series Movement to Contact?

(if you need the maps, they can be downloaded here and here)

And if you’re a pixel-pusher?  How about last summer’s GrogHeads Central Command Origins Scenario for Flashpoint Campaigns?  

  • This one includes the PowerPoint briefings, but you need to move the maps around yourself.  Download it here.


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GrogHeads Reviews: Heroes of the Pacific

Lock’n’Load heads to the PTO!

Doug Miller, 24 October 2105


Despite a proliferation of WWII tactical systems in recent years, tactical wargames covering the Pacific Theater tend to be rarer than hen’s teeth. Even the benchmark WWII tactical system, Advanced Squad Leader, isn’t overwhelmed with PTO modules and scenarios. So I was definitely excited to see that LnL Publishing was not only bringing many of their out-of-print Tactical Series games back, but also adding to the series with a dedicated Pacific Theater game.

Heroes of the Pacific focuses on tactical combat between the US Army and Marines and the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). Like other games in the series the core of the game is infantry combat between squads and weapon teams, supported by armored vehicles, various kinds of on- and off-board artillery, and air strikes.

The game uses the familiar Lock n’ Load Tactical Series rules. The rule book has been updated to version 4.0 and includes the additions to support the unique aspects of the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) in-line with the remainder of the rules. Significant rules changes are helpfully highlighted in green throughout the manual to bring experienced players up to speed quickly.


L’n’L Heroes of the Pacific – First Look!

What’s inside the highly-anticipated new box?  Doug fills us in ~

Doug Miller, 30 September 2015

click images to enlarge

I’ve only ever played enough of the Lock ‘N Load Publishing Tactical Series games to know that I’d really like to play more of them. For too long these games have been too difficult to get except through the aftermarket and buying from other gamers. Having said that, one of my closest gaming-related friendships (Hi Bawb!) came about primarily due to my buying a copy of Heroes of the Blitzkrieg from a fellow Grogheads gamer, so I suppose that’s not all bad.

Much to my delight Lock N’ Load is about to make all of the older games available and has started producing new games. It’s icing on the cake that the first of these Heroes of the Pacific arrived on the scene just as I’ve conceived a rekindled interest in the Pacific Theatre of WWII. Knowing the quality that Lock N’ Load has always been famous for in terms of components, I was really looking forward to getting the game in hand and taking a look. I received a copy of the Premier Support Edition to review. Here’s what I found when I opened the box.


The box cover art is nicely done and very evocative of the theatre.


Tank on Tank – First Look!

LNLP reboots the Tank on Tank franchise with 2 new boxed games

Brant Guillory, 19 August 2015

Click images to enlarge

Lock’n’Load Publishing has brought back the Tank on Tank franchise, with the long-awaited East Front stand-alone game to accompany the previous version, now labeled as West Front.  What’s in the boxes?  Lessee…

The boxes are the standard LNLP "thin" boxes, which stack nicely on the game shelf alongside all their others.

The boxes are the standard LNLP “thin” boxes, which stack nicely on the game shelf alongside all their others.

edit: to clarify, when referring to the standard LNLP “thin” box, we’re referring to the height of the box, and not the thickness of the actual box material.  These things are pretty substantial, but are only about 1″ high.  They are not the paper-thin tuck boxes of LNLP days gone by.

LNLP’s Dawn’s Early Light and Rommel at Gazala – First Look!

Brant Guillory, 3 June 2015

Lock’n’Load is pushing out reprints and new editions from their new digs in Colorado.  What’s in the new boxes?  Let’s take a look.

Click images to enlarge

First up, the new edition of Jim Werbaneth’s Rommel at Gazala, which got a significant graphic upgrade.

Inside the new Rommel at Gazala, with the box in the upper left of the photo.

Inside the new Rommel at Gazala, with the box in the upper left of the photo.


Player aid cards.

Rommel at Gazala – Player aid cards.

What’s Inside Line of Fire #15?

LNLP has been shipping their new issue of their in-house magazine, Line of Fire.  What’s in the newest one?

Brant Guillory, 12 April 2015

The entire magazine ships in a poly-bag

The entire magazine ships in a poly-bag

GrogHeads Reviews: World At War Compendium 2

Is the new Compendium for you? Read on!

Jim Owczarski, 27 March 2015

And now, as a public service, a simple decision matrix to help you determine if you should purchase “World at War: Compendium #2” (hereafter Comp2) from Lock ‘n Load Publishing.

  • Are you a fan of the World at War series’ take on the Cold War gone hot?
  • Are you enough of  fan of this series that you have purchased many — not to say all — but many of the games, modules, and expansions that have come out since the release of Eisenbach Gap?
  • Even if you are a fan of the series, did you neglect to pick up issues 8-14 of Lock ‘n Load’s “Line of Fire” magazine?
  • Are you a fan of the Bauhaus font?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, there is no reason that I can think of for you not to pick up Comp2.   It’s available for a scant $49.99 from www.lnlpublishing.com  You’ll be glad you did.  Thus endeth the review.

If, on the other hand, you answered “no” to any of the above, read on; matters are a bit more complicated.