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frontier wars 728x90 KS

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Forgotten War, The Korean War ASL (MMP)
Preorder price $96

ASL goes to Korea… officially! Seriously, what else do you need to know. OK, how about what’s in the box? 7 countersheets and 4 maps, plus a bunch of rules additions. Now, the caveat – you need the ASL base rules to play, so in addition to your $96 here, you still need a bunch of other stuff to play. But hey, you can finally get off the Eastern front, or the beaches of Normandy, or wherever you’ve been treading water in your ASL games. Storm over to MMP’s site and place your pre-order and re-fight the first conventional battles of the Cold War.


Nemo’s War, 2d Ed (Victory Point Games)
$83k of $38k, ends 28 January 2016

The solo adventures of Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilus come to your tabletop as you recreate the adventures of one of the first Steampunk heroes. Dodge the nations hunting you, convinced you’re a pirate, while you explore new depths for scientific knowledge. Oh, and collect some treasure while you’re at it. Add-ons include laser-cut counters and a pretty cool looking dice tower. Cruise over to the campaign site and plunk down your coin for a great adventure.



Silver Bayonet 25th Anniversary Edition (GMT Games)
p500 $30, MSRP $50

Reprinting GMT’s first game, Silver Bayonet brings you the grand tactical battles of the Vietnam War. You get a large mounted mapsheet and new set of counters to refight the battles around the Ia Drang Valley. You get a total of 14 scenarios, and a chance to test your wits on the new aerial-envelopment battlefields of Vietnam. Zip over to GMT’s site and get your pledge in while it’s still on p500.



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