2015 GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting

frontier wars 728x90 KS

ed note: After the shutdown of Twiigs.com, our polls disappeared, so you’ll see a lot of headers, but no polls, on older Readers Choice posts.  We’re using someone new now, so perhaps the older polls will still be visible.

All year long we asked for your input and your nominations for the best in gaming throughout 2014.  These polls are your polls, and let our readers vote on their own nominations.  Think we missed something?  Well, we’re already looking for nominations for 2015’s best in strategy gaming.

Polls are open now, and close on 28 January, so you’ve got 2-1/2 weeks to make your voice heard.  If you nominated ’em, we’ve got ’em in a poll somewhere.  All we did was weed out the non-2014 releases and then sort them into categories.

Tabletop Games

Historical / Strategy Game

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Game


Euro / Casual Board Game

4X Game

Reprint / New Edition

2014 Tabletop Game of the Year



Digital Games

Best Strategy / Historical Game:

Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy:

Best Expansion or DLC: 

Best RPG / Action Game:

2014 Digital Game of the Year

You can check out last year’s winners here >>

Love ’em? Hate ’em? Sound off in our forums and tell us what you think! >>

2 Responses to 2015 GrogHeads Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting

  1. David Elkin says:

    always a tough vote

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