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Matrix Games Showcase – Future Wargames!

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Join Slitherine for a special Live Twitch session next Thursday, December 3d, at 17:00 UK Time, featuring interviews with world famous wargame designers: Alvaro Sousa (Kraken Studios – Warplan), Victor Reiksersz (VR Design – Decisive Campaigns, Shadow Empire), Rob Crandal (On Target Simulations – Flashpoint Campaigns) and Joel Billings (2BY3 Games -War in the East series).

thumbnail HoWLive MatrixGamesShowcase spotlight

The live session will be on Slitherine’s Twitch Channel and will focus on exciting new titles like:

– War in the East 2
– Decisive Campaigns – Ardennes Offensive
– Fleshpoint Campaigns – Southern Storm
– Warplan Pacific

HOW Live – Matrix Games Showcase – #FutureWargames

By: Grogheads Staff

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Grogheads Exclusive! Strategic Command: WWI Discount!


Strategic Command: World War I is released and now is your chance to relive the War that should have Ended all Wars.  Choose which side you want to lead, The Triple Entente or the Central Powers, and witness firsthand the importance of strategic planning coupled with the need for cooperation between all the nations in your alliance.  Once again, Slitherine has teamed up with Grogheads to offer our readers an exclusive discount code! Click below for details on this exciting new title and for your exclusive 30% discount code!


Grogheads Exclusive! WarPlan Discount Offer

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WarPlan, the latest WWII grand strategy title developed by Kraken Studios and published by Matrix Games is an incredibly accurate World War II simulation engine. It is a balance of realism and playability incorporating the best from 50 years of World War II board wargaming. Play a recreated World War II in every detail, thanks to the engine flexibility and database. Now, Matrix Games has teamed up with Grogheads to offer our readers an exclusive discount code! Click below for details on this exciting new title and for your exclusive code!

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Matrix Games Announces Command: Modern Operations

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Matrix Press Release:

The first release of Command rocked the foundations of modern PC wargaming, steamrolled its way into the Pentagon, Luftwaffe and British Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, and won numerous “Wargame Of The Year” awards. Now, the restless rascals at WarfareSims are back at it with a vengeance! The already legendary game of modern cross-domain operations returns with an all-new UI, even more refined simulation mechanics and a host of new features and content to engross you into the challenges of warfare post-WW2 and in the 21st century.

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Field of Glory II: Dark Ages!

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Prepare to be sacked!

FoG2 WatG Artwork


The next installment for Field of Glory II is coming and nobody will be able to stem the tide. According to our contacts at Slitherine, Wolves at the Gate “depicts the epic struggles that newly forked European kingdoms had to face for their survival during the ‘Dark Ages’, a long period of recurrent conflicts that eventually gave birth to Europe.

By: Grogheads Press