A Civilization V AAR – Part Eleven

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Brant Guillory, 7 March 2013

Brant’s extended Civ V Goda & Kings AAR, as he’s on pace to outlast Bonanza in episode longevity

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Last time we healed up some of our more adventurous dudes, and found jack-nada in the ruins. We’re in the 200s and we still haven’t found another civiliation. My Carthiginians are starting to feel more lonely than Wodin at a strip club.



Taking a Break.

I wouldn’t put it past Sir Idiot Scout Dude to screw up being told to take a nap and get better, but just in case I’ve got a warrior nearby to babysit him.




Now that I’ve discovered Trapping, I can have a worker build a camp on a tile with Deer as a resource.



These Guys Just Can’t Take a Hint.

And we’re about to gear up for the Battle of North Utique, Part IIIIII, with a new barbarian camp having appeared.



This’ll Just Take a Second.

I hope. We dispatch our speaman to clean up this mess. “It’s just an archer” he says, hoping not to be channeling his inner Custer.



Hey You! Over Here!

Time to move our worker from Hippo-town over to Gades to start improving the local landscape.



Back on the Waves.

After healing up, and (presumably) chasing wenches ashore, it’s time to get our quinquereme back to see, and let’s check out what’s due east of our home continent.



More Exploriationing.

Our archer has noticed a bit of land peeking out of the fog, so we’re going to embark over there and check it out.



Annnnnd, Another Golden Age Dawns.

Remember when I was lining myself up for a few back-to-back Golden Ages? The plan is paying off. Will it help out long-term? I have no idea. Like I said, I’m trying something new here.



Let’s Hope Our Discovery of Philosophy…

… leads to better thinkers.



But I reckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest, because Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and sivilize me, and I can’t stand it. I been there before.



The Battle of North Utique, Part IIIIIII.

This shouldn’t take long, especially if I muster the overwhelming power of…




OK, really, they don’t exactly help in the fight. They’re just very militant garden gnomes, but they give you a nice culture boost.



Speaking of Culture.

I now get another policy, and unfortunately, the options here aren’t great. I would much rather be starting up Patronage or Commerce, but I’m not technologically advanced enough to open them up just yet. Tradition feels like it’s going backwards, so it’s Honor or Piety. Not sure I plan to be fighting enough for Honor to be the right choice, so I’m going with Piety as the least bad option, even though it may mean closing down the choice of Rationalism later.



Lots of New Land.

There’s a bunch of islands off the east coast. Now to pootle around and see what we find.



The Long Trek East.

We’re going to put Sir Idiot Scout Dude to work exploring the new eastern islands. To do that, I’ve got to ship his butt all the way across the Known World.



He’ll Not Go Alone.

I’m also going to dispatch my archer to that first ruin we discovered, to start exploring earlier, and to beat anyone else (assuming there is anyone else) to it.



Updating Production in the Capital.

Hmmm… the National College is available, but it requires a library in every city. If I build it now, it’ll be a lot easier to build, before I have too many cities out there. But I still need a library in Gades to do so. Let’s go see where the Library is in Gades’ production queue.



Still Going To Be A While.

If I wait for Gades to build it on schedule, I’ll probably have another city out there by then. So let’s check out the alternative.



Buy, Buy, Buy!

Like a punch-drunk Congress with too much money in coffers, I take a plunge and pay to build the Library right away, then bounce back to Carthage’s production queue and set the National College to build at the top of the list. I’m hoping the five remaining turns of Golden Age sufficiently rebuild my treasury that I don’t regret this later.



Local Improvements.

I’m going to get that wheat planted for Gades, and then start working on other nearby tiles for them.


What’s up next? Why are you asking me?! I’m just playing the game here, not predicting the future!


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