A Civilization V AAR – Part X

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Brant Guillory, 3 March 2013

We’re ten parts into the story, and the Carthiginians are still just finding their feet in the world. You’d never know we’re playing on “quick” huh?

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Can you believe it’s 120AD and we still haven’t found any other major civilizations? Me either. Where the hell is everyone else? I kinda feel like Azz back in the old R&P last year.



Building a Wonder on a Whim.

It’s not going to take too long to build the Terracotta Army, so we’ll throw it in the queue and see what we get. +6 culture is nice to have.


Early Marines.

Charging ashore in the face of almost certain non-death. Let’s knock over this barbarian camp and schmooze up to Zurich.



Sir Idiot Scout Dude is Just Following Orders This Time.

Yes, he attacked with crappy odds, but he’s just soaking off some damage for that warrior to polish off the camp in a second.


Yeah, This Guy’s Not an Idiot.

So if there’s a good chance of “major defeat” we’re going get defeet moving in deother derection.



Backing Out and Peeking Around.

After we back out of contact, we can creep forward next turn, one hex at a time, and be able to back out of trouble if we need to.



Progress Report.

And I’m not overly progressive. Yes, I’m all the way down at the bottom of the pile in 9th, but I’m within 2 of the leader, and I’m building several culture buildings soon, like Pagodas and the Terracotta Army. This will sort itself out.



A Big Hit, and a Big, huh?! What the..!

Man, just when you think you’re going to clean up the damn barbarians, they gotta go and spawn another one. Sigh.



Roll Over the Camp.

Let’s clear the camp, for a couple of reasons. It stops more spawning, It kills the brute in it, which scores influence with Zurich. It clears the camp itself, which score a lot of influence with Zurich.



Building an Alliance.

So right now we’re at 62 influence, with 60 needed for Zurich to be an ally. That’s nice, but let’s put that Golden Age-powered bankroll to work.



How to Buy Friends and Influence City-States.

For 500 gold, we can almost double our influence with Zurich, ensuring they’re going to stay in our orbit for a while. Since they provide some good luxury bonuses, and we need the happiness, this is a good fit for now.



Look Ma! LOTS of Influence!

Now we’re all the way up at 117/60, and going to be raking in the happiness bonuses for a while. Mission accomplished. Let’s whack some barbarians and move on.



Sir Idiot Scout Dude is Bucking History.

Despite the temptation, he’s is not going to make this attack…



Laager Up.

He lets the local warrior do it, and then decamps to the nearest hill to fortify until healed. I parked him on the hill because his increased visibility plus the elevation will help alert us to any threats earlier.



Naval Refitting.

While land units can fortify-until-healed anywhere, naval units have to be in friendly territory to heal up. Note that friendly territory does include allied city-states, but our only one right now is nowhere near useful for this guy.



C’mon Big Money! C’mon Big Money!

We’re going to make a quick dash for the cash and see what’s in that goodie hut.



&^%$&*^ and #@!$#@ and some ^$#^%$ for Good Measure.

Yep, another map of an area I’d already explored! And I’ve got a scout dangerously exposed to the barbarians now, too. And, along the way, I also ended a turn in Marrakech’s territory, so now they’re mad at me, too.




Yep, I’m in Trouble.



Jonesin’ for Some Catharism.

Look in the bottom right corner. Every now and again, city-states will pop up with requests – usually to kill the local barbarians or intimidate a neighbor – that are mini-quests for you to gain some influence with them. In this case, I’ve had a request to spread our religion to them. And that reminds me…



Check Out Our “Faith” Monitor.

I had set my ‘faith’ expenditure to “Save for Great Prophet”. I don’t need one right now, as I just founded the religion. I need a Missionary or two first, then will start trying to crank out Pagodas.


Next time – going camping, more inconvenient Azzarians that just won’t take the hint and go away, finding a new continent to explore, and for good measure, why not another Golden Age?


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