GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #79

frontier wars 728x90 KS

GARPA invades your Friday with a mixed bag of gaming goodness.  Explore, rescue, store, and travel…  when all these preorders get delivered, of course ~

Brant Guillory 16 October 2015


Warriors of Japan (MMP)
Preorder $33, MSRP $44, made the cut

Built off the Warriors of God system, the Warriors of Japan takes us to medieval Nippon and gives a broad sweeping campaign rolled up into a 4-year period, with leaders changing sides, a gorgeous area-based map, and a new historical period to explore, Warriors of Japan probably ticks many of the boxes that are the reasons you’re a grog in the first place.  It’s been on pre-order forever but is now finally over the line, so jump on board while you can still get it at the cheaper price.


7th Continent  (Serious Poulp)
$803k of $56k goal, ends 27 October 2015

Every now and then there’s a game that just blows so far through its Kickstarter goals that you have to pay attention.  This week, that’s 7th Continent.  A choose-your-own-adventure narrative as a board game, this build-a-map-with-tiles while exploring brings a wide variety of adventures to your tabletop.  Not truly an RPG, as it’s lacking in long-term character improvement, it’s nonetheless packed with adventurey goodness, including character figures, action cards, curses, traps, and on-card puzzles to be deciphered.  How insane are the stretch goals at this point?  $100 gets you around 900 8cm2 cards, plus a dozen or so figures, dice, trays, boxes, etc. plus a magnifying glass.  Trek over to the campaign page and contribute to the next stretch goal they’re going to blow through.



Spellbook Gaming Boxes (Elderwood)
$122k of $5k, ends 6 November 2015

These game boxes are built to look like spellbooks from the outside.  Inserts let you carry you MtG cards just as easily as figures and dice, or pens and coins.  New configurations are being added all the time.  You can customize the exterior with a variety of labels and symbols, and be the envy of your gaming group when you sit down with your arcane tome that brings forth all manner of game tools.  Teleport back to their page and drop some coin on what’s sure to be the most talked-about gaming accessory you get this year.



Jaded Aid  (JTW Productions)
$40k of $12k, ends 22 October 2015

What’s better than a bunch of industry in-jokes from practitioners of life-and-death decisionmaking?  Pair it with the Cards Against Humanity mechanics and you’ve got the raucous, uproarious, and yes – EXTREMELY CYNICAL – new sensation Jaded Aid.  Think you’re just helping out disaster-ridden hellholes?  Hardly.  You’re just there to get laid.  Six flights circling the runway waiting to land?  Sorry.  John Travolta wants to unload his plane by hand, to make sure every cameraman gets a got shot for their magazines.  You’ll learn plenty of new lingo – sexpat, helpies, poverty porn – and wonder whether the international aid system is really this broken, while still laughing your ass off and feeling only slightly guilty about it.  Drop in on their campaign page and help bring this blight on humanity to life!


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