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frontier wars 728x90 KS

It’s always GARPA, GARPA, GARPA!

Holdfast Korea 1950-1951 (Worthington Publishing)
$9500 of $2500, ends 3 March 2015

On the heels of their successful Holdfast Russia game, the boys at Worthington are back with a Korean War game that lets replay the first year of the war with the same basic rules system.  Guard the Pusan perimeter, and outflank your opponent with an amphibious landing, conquer your opponent, and have the news break into a radio drama to tell the world about it.  But first, get your pledge into Kickstarter, and if you and a friend team up, you can save a few bucks by pledging two copies.



The Great War (PSC Games)
£43k of £25k, ends 8 March 2015

The Command & Colors system comes to WWI in this hex-and-minis card-driven game that lets you refight the Western front trench wars with a  custom set of minis from a company built on minis design. Stretch goals include the tanks, and add-ons include addition minis and game boards.  Terrain tiles add flexibility to the map, and you’re building on a known system, so you’re on solid footing here.  Pledge levels start at £1, and include minis, shirts, mugs, oh, and GAMES!



Posse: Wild West Justice (SP Hansen)
$2200 of $12k, ends 10 March 2015

Bounty hunters in halter tops.  Now go pledge already.



EPIC DICE Tower Defense (Potluck Games)
$57k of $24k, ends 6 March 2015

Buckets o’ dice?  Check.  Monster attacks?  Check.  Expandability?  Check.  Send your minions after your opponents defenses (“towers”) and roll for hits.  Cast spells and summon reinforcements along the way.  Stretch goals have ‘unleashed’ additional dice, giving a monster* pile of goblins, zombies, orcs, trolls, vampires, and more.  Add-ons include ghosts, and bats, and more.  It’s a low-footprint game, but one that needs space for all the dice, and for the casual rules-lite-let’s-just-kill-stuff crowd, it’s pretty much perfect.  Go get a pledge in and enjoy your dice when they get here.

* yes, that was intentional


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