GrogHeads Advanced Research on Projects Advisory #63

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Gimme a G!  Gimme an A!  Gimme an ARRRRRR!  Gimme a P!  Gimme an A!

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Theomachy (Petersen Games)
$46k of $20k, ends 2 March 2015

Sandy Petersen, the brains behind Cthulhu Wars, is back with another supernatural smack-down.  Theomachy pits the multiverse of gods against each other (and the Cthulhuians, too!)  Ever wonder what would happen if the Egyptian and Norse deities clashed?  Well, you can dig out your vintage-1981 Deities & Demigods book, or you can hop on the Theomachy train and battle it out in this interesting card game with equal parts strategy, poker-style bluffing, and drop-dead-gorgeous artwork.  Power struggle?  Well yeah!  That’s pretty much the point, isn’t it?


Zombie War (LNL Publishing)
Preorder for $34.99

The bubbas out in Colorado thought they’d sneak one past us, eh?  Yeah, yeah, ‘zombie boardgame’ right?  Fate of the world rests in the hands of five unlikely mismatched heroes?  Nope.  You’re now the government, trying to maintain something resembling law and order as the population revolts, or turns revolting.  Or you can play the military trying to blast your way to a solution.  Hidden victory conditions, a global point-to-point map, and, well, zombies!  Preorder now and have fun when it gets here.



Genesis (GMT Games)
p500 at $48 – made the cut

Opening disclaimer: It’s a Richard Berg game.  For some of you that probably means you’re done reading.  For the rest of you – it’s a chance to build a Bronze-age empire with the combination historical personae and good old-fashioned ass-kicking conquest.  There are scenarios for 2-5 players, and it’s a GMT game, so you know it’s going to be solid.  Think of it as “Civ” on the tabletop – and stopping before the inevitable Renaissance mid-game gets interminable.  Pledge here and play later!



AKO Dice (Kacha)
$12k of $5, ends 3 March 2015

I’m sure all of our military readers are chuckling right now, but this is a different kind of AKO with completely random behavior.  AKO is “Another Kind Of” dice, and they are anodized metal with some interesting groove patterns that still give you a d6.  Perfect for sci-fi or space games, these nifty dice will undoubtedly gather some ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ at your game table.  Roll over to Kickstarter and plunk down your pledge.



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